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5 Ways To Grow Your Makeup Business in the Slow Season

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5 ways to start or grow your makeup business during slow season

Have you been struggling to try to find a way to start or grow your makeup artist business during the slow season – or at all?! Well, I completely get you! Working as a makeup artist sometimes requires a lot of commitment and hard work. 

As in every profession, you need to be consistent even when the number of clients is reduced. This means: you have to keep working! Even though you’re not getting as many clients as you usually do, there are plenty of things you can actually do to prepare for the peak season and get closer to your audience and attract new clients.

The slow season is the best time to build and grow your business behind the curtains. It’s time to optimize your business and make it even more professional. Get everything planned, structured, and perfect so you can book even more clients when everything starts moving forward again. 

So, are you ready?! Here’s what you can do to start or grow your business makeup artistry business in the slow season.

#1 Update Your Website and Images

Note: If you hate updating your website or don’t even know where to begin, you should consider moving to a different platform that’s easier for you to use. Websites and their respective platforms in and of themselves please read this post “Websites For Makeup Artists.” Check out this post here. 

Regarding the images… If you are NOT a photographer and do not have to add timely, updated, and always professionally styled photos to your website, welcome to the club!


For free stock photos, I use Unsplash. Unsplash is not a best-kept-secret anymore but the library keeps growing and growing — make sure if you are a makeup artist not to use photos of people whose makeup you didn’t do! Don’t mislead people!

Deposit Photos

There are so many places to download photos, images, graphics, etc. I’ve used Creative Market in the past but I bought an AppSumo package of 100 photos for maybe $20. You can add professional graphic elements and photos to your site for a nominal fee. Worth it.

Styled Stock Society

Ok, this is a monthly membership that is actually worth it. Not only do they have gorgeous, inclusive photos, but what I really love the most about Styled Stock Society is their library of Canva templates! I seriously downloaded every single one, they are golden. 

Professional Headshots

If you invest in one photoshoot a year (or every 2-3 years), it needs to be your headshot. My headshots were taken by Cristina Stoian in Amsterdam – and I am extremely camera shy. I also hate being photographed. However, I knew when I published my book, I needed some “buy my book” pictures. While my budget only allowed me to purchase five photos from her, they are powerhouses for my brand! 

Here’s a post on how to DIY your headshot hair & makeup. Unless you are a pro-MUA, consider leaving that to the pro. Not only will you look amazing but the entire experience will make you feel so empowered and confident. Who doesn’t love being doted on?

#2 Update Your Website Copy and Story

When it’s time to update your copy?

1- You might need to update your website copy if your website does not say what you want it to say.

2- You might want to update your website copy if you keep attracting the “wrong” clients

3- You aren’t attracting enough clients

4- There isn’t enough “action” on your website (hello statistics and numbers!)

PS: If it all sounds like too much for you, consider in booking a coaching call booking a website audit!

Remember, copy includes your website headlines, sub headlines, body text, buttons…all of it! 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my very own copywriter, Kari Perlewitz. She edits anything major that is associated with my brand but most of the time, I am doing all my own copy. You’ll hear more about her below on social media… just wait. Not sure if you need to outsource in your business or not, check out this post

Where to start with the copy?

Check your Google Analytics and start updating your most popular landing pages? (If this doesn’t make sense to you, let’s chat — I can help)

Normally, it’s your homepage, about page, contact page, and services and/or portfolio page.


Grow Your Makeup Business homepage

I always like to pretend people don’t scroll or click. 

As soon as they land on your site, they first look and see if the site is even “for” them. 

Are you speaking to your ideal client? Do you even know who that is? 

If you don’t know who that is, and you are a makeup artist, you need to take Sonia Roselli’s Finding Your Ideal Client. Everything Sonia puts out into the universe is amazing and her course is nothing short of amazing, per usual. It’s not open year-round — so if you miss out, book a coaching call and we can work this out together.  

Your hardest hitting, “I’m so proud of myself” copy should be the first thing they see.

Premiere Bridal Makeup Artist of Bellingham

Luxury Bridal Makeup | Bellingham, WA

Bringing Your Bridal Beauty Visions To Life | Luxury Makeup Artist Natalie Setareh | Wiesbaden, Germany 

Make it easy, okay?

About Page

Does your About Me page tell your story? Does the experience your viewers go through take them on a journey and show them how incredible your time together is going to be? Is the story compelling and something that makes you want to take action? These are questions from master website designers Jen and Jeff of Tonic Site Shop

I don’t mean to brag but my About page is the page I receive the most compliments on. People love how I did it. How I share personal information that is relevant to my ideal customer and the flow. My about page stems from my Adriatique theme (that I have entirely made my own). 

DIY Professional Copy (is it really a thing?)

Hiring a copywriter to do your website is a solid investment, yes. However, if that just isn’t in your budget, consider outsourcing bits and pieces.

Jess Jordana Promptlates

What the what? I was a skeptic at first but Jess Jordana, an ah-mazing copywriter came up with a solution for those who cannot afford to hire a pro but still want to have converting and authentic web copy.

I used her Home Page Promtplate and her free Contact Page Promptlate and the best part? It didn’t cost me a fortune and I did both in an evening each after the kids went to bed. 

Ashlyn Writes  Sales & Services Primer

Sort of like Jess’s Promptlates, Ashlyn’s Sales & Service Primer is legit plug and play copy for your sales and services page that is fantastic. She literally gives you the words (and the tools for the right words) and you won’t be disappointed. Want to see an example in action, check out my book page. It’s great, isn’t it?! 

Tonic Showit Templates Shop CTA

#3 Hone In On Your Social Media Strategy for 2021

Motto: Keep It Real & Polished

One strategy I’ve been using, that has been working really well, is keeping my feed pretty polished and being more vulnerable and sharing more personal updates in my Stories. Not only do my stories get tons of engagement (especially my GRWM stories), I feel like I really get to focus on relationship-building and serving. 

Please know that we all have different goals and desires for our content. 

  • Some of us want to sell our products and services. 
  • Some of us want to “influence”. 
  • Some of us want to connect with our people. 

Like with makeup, there is no one size fits all strategy to social media. There are *just* good practices. I encourage you to experiment to find what works for you! 

#1 Find Your People + Speak to Them

The people who follow me on Facebook vs. the people who follow me on Instagram (vs. LinkedIn vs. YouTube) are all DIFFERENT people. If I cross-post all my Instagram over to Facebook and vice versa, I’m 100% going to lose overall engagement.

Instead of never cross-posting, instead — tweak your message and photo, so that it will be relevant.

#2 Find Your Posting Rhythm + Be Consistent

For years, I’ve tried to post M-F religiously, sometimes even twice a day. However, this is not sustainable or remotely reasonable for me — even when I would “batch” my content. When I am on social media too much, I feel jaded and “over it”. You should enjoy social media — not despise it. If you despise it, consider posting less and engaging more.

Because my “why” for posting is connection — I’m not looking to accumulate a ton of “followers”. I want to serve my community (read — people, not followers).

I wrote a coaching email on this topic here, check it out! (If you want to receive my monthly coaching email, you can sign up for those here.)

#3 Be Strategic + Authentic On Your Terms

What’s your strategy? Post every day and use 30 hashtags? Doesn’t that get exhausting?

When you know what you are comfortable sharing about and NOT sharing about, posting to social media is SO much easier!

These are the boundaries I’ve established: 

  • Family/Children/Personal Life: I do love to share photos of my family — but I respect their privacy (especially my children as minors) and choose to sprinkle them in the feed when it meshes well with my content. Pictures of me ALWAYS outperform any other picture I post — so make sure you plan to post photos of YOU. I use Facebook and Instagram Stories to reveal more of my personal life, no makeup on, messy kitchen kinda moments. It’s real, authentic, I connect and engage with my people more, and it’s deleted in 24 hours or less.


  • Geolocation: I nearly always tag a location in my post (it’s strategic to do) however, the location is never in real-time and never a location where people can find me often. 


  • Client Privacy: There’s no gray area here. I know with 100% certainty whether or not my clients’ faces are OK being used in social media or not. In the rare event I have a problematic client, I NEVER “vent” about my clients. 


  • Inclusivity, Always: Being inclusive in my posts has never been a trend for me, it’s always been a part of my heart. I make sure all genders and ages and ethnicities are represented (so long as I respect client privacy). 
  • Some Tools To Help You With Your Social Media Strategy: Ok, without further adieu, here are some actual, practical resources and tools I use to have an awesome social media strategy (and yes, I think mine is pretty damn good!)

#4 Automate and Streamline

Want more time to test out products? 

Or care for, shop for, or clean your kit?

Want more time to actually work on and for clients?

Need to put your face out there more but you are too busy with all the admin minutae?

Short of hiring a VA (which I didn’t do until year three of business ownership), you need to invest in the heavy lifting tools to not only save you time and keep you organized but also tools that establish you as a professional and not an amateur.

1 – Professional Email

If you don’t already have a — you can normally get these through where you buy your domain. I recently switched to G-Suite for Business so I can keep the Gmail format I’m used to but also send professional emails.

You’ll use this email address for your email marketing as well — which is WAY more credible than say, Just saying (I’ve been there and made that mistake!)

2 – A Scheduling Tool

Nothing screams unprofessional more than going back and forth on availability. Your clients should be able to book an appointment with you. There are tons of scheduling tools and they may even be included in your WebHost.

MUA Systems and Tool Guide; Grow Your Makeup Business systems and tools for makeup artists

PS: Want to know exactly what systems and tools I use in my makeup artistry business?! Grab your free copy of my Systems & Tools Guide!

3 – Sanitation Policies Front And Center

Your sanitation policies are more important now more than ever before. I know it’s not a ‘sexy’ topic but it does give potential clients piece of mind. 

4 – Timeliness In Responses

I used to get requests so spaced out that I would be able to craft a personalized response every time. While I still personalize all my email responses, I have templates for all of the most popular and hard-hitting requests I receive on a regular basis. 

99% of my templates are available at my template shop. These templates will save you time and convert those inquiries into paying clients. 

the mua business template shop by natalie setareh

Client Management

Honeybook Screen Yellow Flowers

I use Honeybook to manage my client projects, invoices, and proposals. I even use it to manage my Podcast! I am a certified Honeybook educator and if you are looking for a robust client management system, use my referral link to receive 50% your first year. Plus, if you sign up with my referral link (50% off), I’ll help you set it up with my email templates (hello, free templates!)

#5 Iron Sharpens Iron: Hone Your Skills In the Slow Season

If you are a makeup artist and you aren’t investing in at least one masterclass, online business course, or participating in a mastermind of some sort each year — you are really, really slowing your growth potential.

The content is always worth it but the networking — and making trusted friends and colleagues who are equally invested in themselves and their businesses, is in my opinion, even more worth it.

Sonia Roselli – Pro Courses

sonia roselli pro makeup artist resources and courses

Sonia Roselli has built an empire of makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists alike who come together to support, encourage, mentor, and advise one another. She has extremely active communities on Facebook and also, her community OFF Facebook (which I prefer) Glossible on MightyNetworks.

If you are a bridal makeup artist (or interested in becoming one), I highly recommend investing in her class “Finding Your Ideal Client”. 

Learn More Here

Ashley Fierro – The Business of Makeup

ashley fierro the business of makeup

I must say that while I am not and never have been enrolled in her BOM course, feedback I’ve received from other artists I trust in the industry have nothing but positive things to say about it.

Terri Tomlinson’s Color Theory For The Makeup Artist

Terri’s Flesh Tone color wheel is a must-have product for every single makeup artist or aspiring makeup artist. If you want to go beyond the wheel and learn how to use and understand it (and how to change how you think about color and makeup), I highly highly encourage you to attend one of her classes, either in person or virtually. You won’t regret it and yes, you’ll become a better makeup artist after a few hours with her. Period. I took her class in person in Mainz, Germany.

I also had the privilege of interviewing her on the Be Your Own Makeup Artist Podcast. Check out her interview on the topic of ‘Color Theory and Makeuphere.

Grow Your Makeup Business

Terri Tomlinson quote color theory

Buy her color wheel  |  Visit Her Website

A La Carte Coaching by Me

I offer a la carte coaching because I remember needing this myself… whether I needed a website audit or a portfolio review or some professional business advice to help me organize my business in a way that would help me grow strategically and authentically. 

We can focus on the areas that cause you the most stress right now — and get a Rx. 

Plus, I have an amazing team of pros that are experts in website design, marketing, copy, social media management, and more that also feed into what I offer. You can’t go wrong.

a la carte coaching for makeup artists Grow Your Makeup BusinessSo, are you ready to grow your business with these tips?! Updating your website, images, and copy and planning your social media strategy, automating your processes, studying, or even being coached by a professional can definitely help your business grow in the next high season.

If you feel like you want to take your business to the next level, let’s chat! You can schedule a call with me to talk and see how I can help you.

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