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The beauty industry is a scary place...

I like to think of myself as one of the first makeup teachers of my generation, set out to teach people (read everyone regardless of race, age, and gender) how to wear makeup. 

I'm here for those of you who know you want to wear makeup but have no idea where to start.

Outsource looking good, my friend! Through my programs and services, I can teach you how to wear makeup so you can save time and money and worry about more important things.

I've worked on international marketing campaigns for companies like Braun and Trinseo -- I've been a leader for entrepreneurs in my community and won an pretty awesome award for my work as an artist and educator -- I even wrote a book that is being used as curriculum in beauty schools.

No, I'm not a celebrity artist. I work with normal, everyday people who know the value of their image. 

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“Your makeup should never precede you,
but walk with you."