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Learn How-To Wear Makeup On Your Terms

Tired of the Influencer Overload? You're Not Alone.

In a beauty industry that surpasses a staggering $532 billion annually, it's easy to feel lost in the noise.

Let's be honest – these colossal companies aren't here for your education; they thrive on our image insecurities.

Your name, your preferences – they don't know them.

But here's the truth: the desire to look our best is natural, and it's your right to navigate the world of beauty on your terms.

Makeup for Beginners is not in the business of selling products; we're in the business of education and empowerment.

You won't find empty influencer pitches here.

Makeup For Beginners is committed to helping you confidently navigate the beauty industry, learn authentic makeup application, and embrace your unique style.

Your journey begins with education, not sales.

Let's learn how to use makeup, shall we?

Start Your Authentic Beauty Journey

Unlock Your Uniqueness: Makeup is a Personal Journey

For many, the art of makeup remains a mystery – learned haphazardly, if at all. It's time for a change.

Enter Makeup for Beginners, where we're rewriting the narrative.

Your journey with makeup shouldn't be a guessing game or an endless expense.

I'm here to guide you through the art of makeup, making it an enjoyable and learnable experience.

Knowing how to do makeup is not a secret club. It's a skill, and it's just as teachable as it is learnable.

As a makeup educator fueled by passion and an artist's eye, I'll walk you through the fundamentals – from understanding your skin to mastering color theory and playing with light.

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Lara Manqui

I can tell that all YOU do and all YOU have created also has been made with so much love. 

Growth coach to Female Technologists and Social Justice warrior

Jaime Chapman

Natalie is an incredible human being with genius intellect and an insane amount of creativity. Her makeup services are off the charts and her personality is even more beautiful than her artistry. She is tier one. I can't recommend her enough.

 Author, Founder of Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce








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I'm Not Here To Sell You Makeup, I'm Here To Teach You Makeup.

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