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I'm a professional makeup artist, changing the game when it comes to modern makeup education. Over the years, I learned that most people crave a natural look over full-glam, a five minute routine with a multi-purpose kit over having a makeup closet. Most people want to look fresher, brighter, and like the best version of themselves day to day. That's the makeup I teach. 

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You want me to analyze your face and tell you all the colors, products and tools you need to achieve your makeup goals? Want custom face charts, personalized shopping, and 1:1 support throughout the seasons. Look no further, I've got you!

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Makeup tutorials don't work for most people. I'd even say they do more harm than good. But that seems to be the only type of '"educational" makeup content readily available. Not anymore! In my makeup learning lab, you'll find resources that cater to all different learning styles.

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Without a solid understanding of your skin type and how your skin 'works' with beauty products, most skincare/makeup advice means nothing. This free skin type guide gives you everything you need to know to get started.

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LOVED working with you, Natalie, and the changes were immediate. Even on things like Instagram Stories, not to mention my Youtube videos, I suddenly started getting compliments from friends (and people I didn't even know) about my skin, makeup, lipstick choice etc. The best part was that your approach is 100% 'less is more' and it takes me SEVEN MINUTES to do my full makeup 'thing' (routine?) when getting ready for an event on to film. So - major time saver, major confidence booster, AND my videos, photos and me in general look + feel more polished and professional :D all the love!!

Maggie G.


Jamie C.

Natalie is an incredible human being with genius intellect and an insane amount of creativity.

Her makeup services are off the charts and her personality is even more beautiful than her artistry. She is tier one.

I can't recommend her enough.


Shay S.

I have always wanted to learn how to do make-up. I had watched Youtube tutorials and nothing ever worked and I was clueless about makeup so I was honestly not very optimistic about working with Natalie. But she was AMAZING!! She took the time to explain my skin tone to me and what that meant for makeup and which colors would look best on me. She went through everything that would work best for my skin type to include moisturizer and a skincare regime.She was so good at explaining how to apply the makeup. If you are interested in knowing how to look your best I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Natalie. Even if you have no experience she can teach you everything!


Bogi G.

Oh Natalie! Thank you a 1000 times!

I thought I reached an age where I know what I am doing but Ha! I learned SO MUCH!

Can’t wait to get some products that actually are what I need and to use them.

Your heart is beautiful and so is your talent!


Susan H.

A woman stopped me at school today and said, “You always look nice, Susan, but today you look especially nice. What is different?” I told her about you!!


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Real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education should be afforded to anyone and everyone interested in learning how to wear makeup for their day-to-day lives. However, this isn't the case and I am on a mission to change this! 


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