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After years of just being a makeup artist, blogging about makeup, creating {embarrassing} makeup tutorials (read, I am not a YouTuber), and answering makeup-related questions 24/7, I realized there's a big problem.
There's a clear void of real-life, practical, accessible, inclusive, and unbiased makeup education in the $532B beauty industry.

I teach people how to confidently wear everyday & natural makeup.

We all have unique facial features and there's no 'one size fits all' makeup application. While I loved my time working as a professional (and award winning) makeup artist, I realized in late 2019 that nothing brings me more joy than teaching people how to learn (or re-learn) makeup. I believe that makeup is our most intimate accessory and when used strategically and confidently, makeup can be one of our superpowers.

Hi! I'm natalie. Your makeup fairy godmother aka makeup teacher.


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