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I'm an award winning makeup artist & beauty industry disruptor, proudly born and raised in the USA and based in Germany since 2016.

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melanin rich.


makeup is for everyone.

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Your Skin type: The foundation of it all

Once you know your skin type, you'll know how to shop for skin care products makeup formulated for your skin type, so that makeup "works".

The most important part of a flawless makeup application is beautiful, healthy skin.

This free guide outlines the most common skin types, their characteristics, and tips for achieving the best application of makeup and skin health!

If your makeup isn't "working" then it's probably because those products aren't formulated for your skin type.


the right brushes make drugstore makeup look like a million bucks

This free guide walks you though:

- How To Choose The Right Brushes For You (p.s. it doesn't have to cost a fortune!)

- Synthetic vs. Natural Brush Fibers vs. Dual Fiber (what's the difference, anyways?)

- Unlock the Essential Tools For Makeup Guide

Plus, a super handy must-have brush checklist!

the most valuable assets in my personal and professional makeup kit are my brushes, what are yours?


shop your closet & makeup bag with this seasonal guide 

Amsterdam-based Tammy Parrish and I extracted some of our favorite 2020/2021 style & beauty trends, put them together in this gorgeous, colorful, and inclusive publication. We even uploaded videos into the guide to show you how to incorporate these looks into your day-to-day style.

Shopping your closet and makeup bag has never been more fun!

Seasonal, on-Trend Fashion And Makeup Trends that urge you to shop from your own collection


bingeworthy content

114 gorgeous full color pages for visual learners

Self-funded aka no sponsorships or brand bias

Age / Gender / Race / Brand neutral because makeup is for everyone

Available in hardcover and paperback

Be Your Own Makeup Artist, THE Book

learn how-to wear makeup

shop now!

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haters not welcome here

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makeup is for everyone

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Binge listen to this makeup-centric podcast streaming straight from my heart. Recorded for makeup enthusiasts to seasoned pros... this podcast is full of unbiased reflections on the state of the beauty industry, pro makeup hacks, and new ways to think about makeup.  

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