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Hi, I'm Natalie! 

I'm an award winning makeup artist, author, podcaster, and self-proclaimed beauty industry disruptor. I believe in the power of kindness, inclusiveness, and mascara. 

i teach people how to wear makeup. 


I also believe that, 







melanin rich.


makeup is for everyone.

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"In 2018, there were 3.7 billion brand-sponsored posts on Instagram and this figure is projected to surpass six billion posts in 2020." Statistica

"This potential is underpinned, most notably, by the rise of the middle and upper income classes, as well as by the growing numbers of senior citizens on the lookout for products that meet their diverse aspirations and their infinite quest for beauty. " L'Oreal Investor Report

"Brands are realizing that when tapped properly, the beauty sector can be a lucrative one." The Edited Report

If you Feel like you're constantly being sold to, well you kinda are.

*The numbers don't lie...


you're in the right place!


makeup educatioN,





and that's where I come in.

If you're looking for

learn how-to wear makeup

be your own makeup artist

For Pro artists

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Get to know a little more about me and see if I'm even the right teacher for you! 

Coaching ambitious beauty industry is my jam and seeing you wildly succeed is my #1 goal.

My book (also curriculum in cosmetology schools), was written exclusively for makeup beginners, is a go-to guide for so many.

I teach (and re-teach) people how to wear makeup without brand bias and selling your data out. 

knowing your skin type is the true foundation of a strong makeup game!

Do You Really know your skin type?

The first question I ask everyone is...

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makeup will never work if you don't get your skin type right!

what's your skin type?

fresh new content

you ARE beautiful.

with and without makeup.

And in case nobody told you today..