I believe that makeup, when applied with intention and skill, has the power to boost our confidence and self-esteem. And while the beauty industry keeps pushing products and complex looks, I provide personalized, brand-neutral makeup education for beginners that's sorely neglected.

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You want me to analyze your face and tell you all the colors, products and tools you need to achieve your makeup goals? Want custom face charts, personalized shopping, and 1:1 support throughout the seasons. Look no further, I've got you!

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Makeup tutorials don't work for most people. I'd even say they do more harm than good. But that seems to be the only type of '"educational" makeup content readily available. Not anymore! In my makeup learning lab, you'll find resources that cater to all different learning styles.

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Without a solid understanding of your skin type and how your skin 'works' with beauty products, most skincare/makeup advice means nothing. This free skin type guide gives you everything you need to know to get started.

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Remaining brand agnostic. How can I educate if you're worried I'm just trying to sell products?

Trust is earned, not for sale. Period.

Challenging the pro-buy beauty culture with a less is more approach.

Makeup looks best when used strategically instead of liberally. 

Using inclusive and affirming language across all my content and learning platforms.

Makeup is for everyone.

My mission

to provide authentic, inclusive, and practical makeup education for beginners.

Goth, glam, classic, minimal?

I'm here to empower you to unlock and unleash your makeup style and preferences. Not mine. 

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I love that your specialty is bring out your client's natural beauty. Making someone look lovely without looking like "Oh, it's just a lot of makeup."

Jenna M.