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Growing up, I would apply makeup to anyone and everyone who let me. And I must've been pretty good at it, too, since I always had a line outside my door on the weekends.

But I didn't make my move into professional makeup artistry until 2014 after leaving a career as an active duty military officer... 

I was born to be a makeup artist.

 No pro-buy beauty culture here – just a 'less is more' approach that celebrates inclusivity and individuality.

notable publications & clients

Remaining brand agnostic. How can I educate if you're worried I'm just trying to sell products?

Trust is earned, not for sale. Period.

Challenging the pro-buy beauty culture with a less is more approach.

Makeup looks best when used strategically instead of liberally. 

Using inclusive and affirming language across all my content and learning platforms.

Makeup is for everyone.

My mission

to provide authentic, inclusive, and practical makeup education for beginners.

Goth, glam, classic, minimal?

I'm here to empower you to unlock and unleash your makeup style and preferences. Not mine. 

This Is Done Intentionally By: 

I love that your specialty is bring out your client's natural beauty. Making someone look lovely without looking like "Oh, it's just a lot of makeup."

Jenna M.

from Military to Motherhood to Makeup

Yes, before my makeup business came to existence, I was a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. On my blog, I share more of my story from Military to Motherhood to Makeup (you can read that here if you'd like) but needless to say, I've been through many different seasons of life — and learned a lot about myself along the way.

Today, I am proud to be an award-winning makeup artist, author, and educator. I believe that makeup is for everyone, and I teach people how to shop for the right products and how to apply those products in a way that works with their skin type, skin tone, and preferences.

My work focuses on a less-is-more approach to makeup. I want to eliminate all the “white noise” that can lead to confusion and frustration. I specialize in unsponsored, unbiased makeup education that is 100% inclusive.

I like to think that I use my unique experience as a military officer in my work as a thought leader in the makeup world. I see the bigger picture and I'm motivated to disrupt the outdated ideas that exist in the industry. I am also passionate about helping aspiring makeup artists find their own voice and purpose through mentoring and coaching services.

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