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Binge listen to this makeup-centric podcast streaming straight from my heart. Recorded for makeup enthusiasts, aspiring makeup artists, and seasoned pros... this podcast is full of unbiased reflections on the state of the beauty industry, pro makeup hacks, and new ways to think about makeup.  

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Sure, I can talk all day about makeup, the industry, advice for beginners, and all.the.things. However, if you're made it to this part of the website, you probably have a question for me!

So here's your chance!

Ask away, beautiful!

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P.S. If you asked me a beauty question, if I don't immediately know the answer, I must thoroughly research every question I receive, and sometimes do not have an immediate answer or I need clarity on unlisted ingredients in certain beauty products, sometimes getting a clear answer takes up to 3 weeks... have patience, it'll be worth it!