Makeup for Beginners: My Easy 4-Step Application


As a luxury makeup artist, one thing my clients are always telling me is that they just don’t know where to start when it comes to an everyday makeup application. Which products to use? What’s the best technique? What order do you go in? What things can you skip? There are so many questions! 

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The truth is, there are so many makeup bloggers and vloggers out there, and it can be hard to know which recommendations to follow and which to ignore. What do you do with all this information? Where do you go if you truly just want the basics?


Listening to my clients and friends inspired me to create my Makeup for Beginners guide and eventually, my Be Your Own Makeup Artist book. Both of these resources speak to the everyday makeup user who might feel overwhelmed by all of it. 


I’ve always said, buying the fanciest, most expensive, most professional or most “buzzed-about” tool will NOT get you better results. Buying the trendiest makeup products will not instantly turn you into a makeup pro or hide all of the “imperfections” you want to hide.

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Natalie Setareh Makeup For Beginners Online Course

It’s not about the makeup, it’s about the knowledge.

Choosing the “right” products means learning about their formula, their ingredients, how they will suit your specific skin type, and how best to apply them. Don’t worry, this is not just another step by step tutorial where I will tell you to do this and do that and you’re done. 

I’m going to walk you through a four-step application routine that you can tweak to suit your skin, preferences, and lifestyle. My goal is not to give you a cookie-cutter tutorial. I want to guide you and help you to uncover your most beautiful and most confident self-using a simple everyday makeup application that even beginners can feel comfortable doing.


Ready? Let’s go!

Makeup for Beginners: My Easy 4 Step Application



Step 1: Skincare

So, the first step is not even about makeup. It’s about skincare! Why is it part of my makeup application routine? Well, as a professional makeup artist with years of experience, I have a huge secret to tell you: good skin is probably the most important part of a flawless makeup application.


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This doesn’t mean you can’t have skin imperfections. We all have them. But, taking care of your skin daily is so important. It will improve your skin health, and it might reverse or slow down things like acne and signs of aging.


If you don’t have a skincare routine yet, go ahead and take my skin type quiz and get your skin type guide. I share all kinds of tips about buying the right skincare products for your skin type and so much more. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy food and drink lots of water. This will help you to have amazing skin even without makeup!


Step 2: Face or Complexion

Once again, because of the content that overflows the internet, it’s easy to fall into the false belief that you need to use tons of makeup (highlighter, bronzer and everything else you can get your hands on) to achieve a flawless makeup application.


Heavier makeup is great for if you’re a YouTuber, model, or some other on-camera profession, but it will look pretty cakey for an everyday makeup look. One of my rules of thumb — something I bring up in my book Be Your Own Makeup Artist — is that less is more. You definitely don’t need to wear tons of makeup to wear makeup. And guess what? Wearing a lot of makeup won’t make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes it might even make you feel worse. In the end, it’s all about wearing the right makeup in the right amount for you. 


There’s an enormous amount of products, primers, neutralizers, concealers, foundations, powders, bronzers, highlighters, blush, etc. and I know that it’s super confusing to know which you need.


That’s why I decided to dig a little deeper into the “face” step of the makeup application in my Makeup For Beginners: Learn Makeup in 5 Days course. Inside the course, I go over the basics and help you determine which you need and which you can skip so you can build your own four-step makeup application!


Step 3: Eyes & Brows

So, the third step in your makeup application is the eyes and brows. You don’t need to go all fancy here. Yes, I know, all the beauty tutorials are telling you to buy a million eyeshadow palettes with 40 shades each that you will never use. Instead, you just need a few shades that are flattering to your eye color and skin tone. Sometimes the basics (brown, black, cream) are plenty! Unless you’re going to create a super glam look, having a bunch of colors is not necessary. 


When it comes to your brows, having them “done” can really make a big difference. But remember what I’ve told you: less is always more! Don’t overdo it. Your brows will look amazing if you just tame them and fill them out a little. What you don’t want to do is go so overboard that it looks like you drew completely new eyebrows on your face.


Your goal with makeup should be to highlight whatever is already naturally beautiful about you. So, fill your eyebrows in a little bit if they have some sparse spots or use a brow gel to make them look fuller or more even. That’s it. 


Step 4: Lips

The last step that you’ll find in my Makeup For BeginnersLearn Makeup in 5 Days course is lips. This is something that can be really intimidating for people, but it doesn’t have to be. 


We’ve all been in the situation where you want to try something different so you go to a Sephora and you start to test out all the bold, sexy colors. But, there’s so many different versions of even a basic red. There’s a red with an orange undertone, a blue undertone, a brown undertone… how do you know what will make you feel beautiful and what will make you feel like a clown?


I talked a little bit about this in my blog post called What’s The ‘Ish’ With Lipstick but basically, you just have to know how to shop for your specific shade!


In my book, Be Your Own Makeup Artist, you will find some helpful full-color graphics to help you discover your colors. It also has a helpful color wheel that will help you understand which colors will work best for you!

Learn Makeup with Natalie Setareh

Bonus Step 5 inside of podcast episode!


I firmly believe that you don’t have to wear a bold lip to have a put-together makeup look, but I don’t think you should leave them completely naked. If you want a natural subtle look, try a tinted balm… that’s my personal favorite everyday lip look!


This article was created based on my Makeup for Beginners: Learn Makeup In 5 Days Course. Just want to get the complete 12-page, more in depth full-color version of this post? Grab the guide right here!



Do you want to get inspired and find the best beauty and makeup tips for beginners and professional makeup artists? Take a look at my Pinterest account! There you’ll find the best content about makeup and makeup artist business.

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