#1 Skincare
 Which types of products you need to apply everyday and WHY.

#2 Face Makeup
We break down eight different face products and discuss what they do and who needs to use them.

#3 Eye Makeup
Lids, brows, lashes, and beyond!

What's included in this "no fluff" guide?

Never wore makeup or don't remember how to wear makeup? 

This affiliate-link/unsponsored guide was made with you in mind! 

This guide turns "makeup" into digestable pieces, giving you lots of options along the way figure out which application works best for you!

You'll learn the basics of a solid makeup application that will get you feeling confident and looking great in literally no time at all.

#4 Lips
Don't walk out with naked lips! Find out what I recommend for the perfect everyday look. 

The best $1.99 you'll spend today

Leslie Chase

"I never listen to or watch tutorials on makeup but I will honestly say your content is getting me excited to get my grown up life together and learn how to actually wear makeup that fits me."

Word on the Street

Real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education should be afforded to anyone and everyone interested in learning how to wear makeup for their day-to-day lives. However, this isn't the case and I am on a mission to change this! 

I'm Natalie and it's no coincidence you are here. You are probably tired of online tutorials, influencers, salespeople, and advertisements telling you to buy this and that. What you really want to know is what products work for your skin type and skin preferences, when, and why to use them, right? That's why I created this brandless, ageless, and gender neutral Makeup For Beginners Guide. I charge $1.99 to keep it that way!

makeup artist turned makeup coach. 
i firmly believe that makeup is for everybody.

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