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the ultimate makeup book for beginners 

"This book is truly incredible and a must have for any person looking to learn more about makeup artistry."
-Natalie Franke

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what readers are saying

"In this book, Natalie passionately explains that one size does not fit all when it comes to makeup. This book is helpful for all people - those familiar with makeup and those who prefer to go au naturel, like me!"

- Farzana Marie, Author "Load Poems Like Guns"

"Like having a skin care and makeup coach in your pocket! This book is just BEAUTIFUL!

If you aren’t sure where to begin in your skin care and/or makeup game, you’ve just found the starting line."

Annette B., Makeup Enthusiast

"If your a novice or beginner you NEED this book! Never seen in any other books. She describes I full but short detail on full skin and makeup. Layman's terms if you will. I read this on my fire but will purchase a hard copy to have and look back at a million times. Thank you Natalie. I am in school for makeup and you put together an amazing, easy to understand, fun book! Must have in every beauty collection."

Christie, Amazon Reader

Inside the book 

Natalie supplies you with knowledge and confidence to approach and apply make up in your own way, in your own style and to match your own lifestyle.


makeup is for everyone.

I've taken extreme care to keep all the copy in the book gender, race, and age neutral. I've also wanted to keep the price as affordable as possible while still delivering world-class makeup education. Why? Because makeup is for everyone. 


a makeup book for true beginners, not aspiring pros

I wrote this book because of the extreme lack of unbiased, easy-to-understand and implement makeup education. If you are looking for technical makeup education, this book is not it. 


educated consumer = socially responsible

Let's not get started with the amount of waste the $532B industry produces. We must be educated consumers, which not only protects our hard-earned income and time but also the environment. This book helps you save more of both. 

Why This makeup book?

There are no sponsorships or affiliate links in this book. You deserve to find the perfect makeup and skin care products for your skin and your and budget... without wondering if there's an ulterior motive behind the recommendations.

Spend your money wisely

In this book, you'll learn how to play up your best features by uncovering which techniques and products compliment your specific skin tone, skin type, face shape, lifestyle, and more.

more than cookie-cutter tips

By learning the "why" and "how-to" of makeup and skincare products and application, you'll discover your own signature look... not someone else's. 

You Are your OWN makeup artist

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natalie's makeup philosophy

I believe that...

Makeup does so much more than just add a bit of color to your face.

Wanting to feel beautiful isn't selfish, it's human nature!

With practice and knowledge, we can all become confident in our makeup game!

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It's like your makeup fairy godmother! 

Just as fabulous to display as it is to reference 

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