{ authentically }

Stay true to the artist within you.

{ organically }

You don't have to sell out to sell out.

Make your dreams come true.

{ stratigically }

grow your business

You are here because you ARE a makeup artist or you've made the decision to become a makeup artist.

The problem you've run into though is that running a profitable makeup artist business, on your terms, is hard. If you can relate to what I'm saying, you're in the right place and I'm here for you.

And while you understand the success as a makeup artist doesn't happen overnight and investing in your business (and yourself!), you aren't sure what steps to take next.

Bottom Line: I'm a beauty industry outsider and if I can make it in this business, so can you!

> You crave connection and community with other driven, passionate, & authentic makeup artists 

> You want to attract your ideal clients & run a profitable {enjoyable} makeup business

> You've been looking for a mua mentor or coach


The best {free} advice is to stop comparing, especially in this industry where everywhere we turn, there's another makeup artist doing the work you want to be doing. Or living the life you want. 

If you're ready to take back control of your mindset, make a name for yourself, serve your community fiercely, and grow your business strategically & authentically, I'm here.

comparison is

the thief of joy

What do you say next?

Well, I'll tell you how to respond in this free email template (straight from my email templates which, ahem are not free). 

"can you do my makeup?"

congrats, you received a client inquiry!


PS - I'm SO freaking happy for you! Getting client inquiries no matter how big or small is a BIG DEAL!

-  Convert those inquiries to client  
- Be confident in your worth
- Don't work for free!

murielle marie, forbes business coach

"The passion and focus Natalie puts in her business immediately impressed me."

Jaime Chapman, ceo begin Within

"Natalie is an incredible human being with genius intellect and an insane amount of creativity."

word on the street