• The list of what has taken me years of trial-and-error in what I need to run my business

• Tools I used in the past when I had to bootstrap everything (e.g. free tools) 

• I don't really do "discounts" (neither should you) but people on my list do get incentives ::wink wink:: #justsayin

What's included in this Checklist?

When you are a freelancer makeup artist, you are really a bonafide business owner.

BONUS: You'll also receive some discount codes for some serious savings.


Real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education should be afforded to anyone and everyone interested in learning how to wear makeup for their day-to-day lives. However, this isn't the case and I am on a mission to change this! 

I'm Natalie and it's no coincidence you are here. 

makeup artist turned makeup coach. 
firm believer that makeup is for everybody.

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