• Learn how to easily identify the five skin types
  • Start a simple 3-step skincare routine
  • Identify the types of makeup products that work for your skin type (and which ones don't)

My Skin Type Guide Will Teach How How To...

Natalie Setareh

"New trends and brands pop up every week and it's easy to feel lost in the maze of skincare products. But when you know what products your specific skin type needs, everything falls into place."

In order to master makeup or feel confident in your own skin au naturel, you need to know your skin type.

Once you know your skin type, you'll be able to understand which skincare and makeup product formulations are best to use (and which ones you should avoid). 

Let's figure it out together!

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Tammy P.

“Honestly, there are days when the only thing I look forward to is my nightly skincare routine. Thank you for teaching me how to turn something I used to find annoying into a self-care ritual."

Word on the Street

I'm Natalie Setareh, an award-winning makeup artist, author, and educator. And I'm committed to teaching you how to confidently be your own makeup artist.

Over the decade of working as a professional makeup artist, I've learned that while every makeup artist has their own unique approach, makeup artists around the world can all agree on one thing: skin prep is the most critical and important step in any makeup application (from barely-there to full glam).

But skin prep looks different for different skin types. If you don't know your skin type or need assurance you're using the right products, consider this skin type guide my gift to you.

I can't wait to get to know you better!

Your Ally in Authentic Beauty Education

I'm Natalie