you love doing makeup & have poured a lot of time and getting your business off the ground

you don't need another course or "Freebie" checklist...
all you need is a sanity check

Growing a makeup artistry business from the ground up is hard. Setting prices, attracting new clients, maintaining a professional kit, marketing, bookkeeping, time management, etc..
You don't have the time you thought you would & honestly, you're tired of asking a loved one for their "honest opinion."

I struggle knowing whether or not my portfolio or website is good
I have no idea if what I'm doing in my business actually works  
I need a set of objective eyes to make sure I'm on the right track

you're tired of DIY'ing everything in your business

been there, done that. 
I'm here to help


focused, objective, strategic coaching services for makeup artists who need a sanity check

a la carte coaching

What Is A La Carte Coaching?

A la carte coaching was born out of a passion to provide a service I desperately needed as a new and semi-established makeup artist. 

When I started out, I wanted someone (other than my friends and family) to check over my website and give me an honest opinion on whether or not it was "good enough". 

I wanted to know if they thought people would actually book my services, or test my website to make sure things are working, or actually read my emails and blog. 

I wanted to know if I was using the "right" photos to showcase my work (and in the early days, a lot of the pictures were taken from my cellphone). 

I wanted to know how to respond to clients so that they'd actually trust and book me, without offering discounts or incentives.

I wanted to come up with unique and fun services that could boost my revenue, without copying those services from other people.

I wanted to know when and how to work for free -- and how to protect myself

I wanted to meet and connect with new photographers and vendors so that my business would grow.

I wanted to know how to build my pro-kit and be prepared for my clients.

But I couldn't afford to hire a coach or pay for another online course. I also didn't have time to download another {worthless} freebie download or binge another business-related podcast. I just wanted answers to my specific questions and needs.

What Is A La Carte Coaching?

From 2007 to 2017, I was a military officer. To be honest, I "did" the military for my university scholarship & a car. I didn't really love being in the military though. Waking up early. Lots of hurrying up and waiting. Red tape. You know, military-y type stuff.

I would be remiss if I didn't share with you that I attribute much of my success to the leadership skills I learned in the military. I acquired a ton of grit, thick skin, quick-thinking, "adapt and overcome" leadership. I was able to hone in on my visionary / strategic thinking Enneagram Type 3 personality. This is probably why this beauty industry outsider is still kicking strong today! 

I started my makeup artistry business in Monterey, California in late 2014 (because my friends said I should because I'm good at makeup!). Monterey, a mecca for destination weddings in the US, was not an "easy" place to start. But in the Spring of 2015, I booked four weddings (one was a dud!) not because I was the best makeup artist or because I asked everyone and their mother to refer me... it was because I learned all about web development, SEO, and marketing early on. I also focused on my client experience SO much.

You read that right. I started & grew my business because I taught myself the back-end stuff of how websites & content "works" online.

I've since moved my business twice since then, once across the pond to Germany. Ran successful (and unsuccessful) workshops, I lead an entrepreneur group for 3+ years, published a book sold on Target & Wal-Mart (and HugenDubel, Germany's largest book retailer), run a podcast, started an e-commerce shop, and oh yea, I also won the 2019 On The Rise award with Honeybook + The Rising Tide Society. 

Natalie Setareh

makeup coach, author award-winning artist

why hire me?

ALl The Details

You are a makeup artist (aka small business owner who needs a sanity check & objective, focused coaching AND The below applies to you, keep scrolling

You're legally running your business 

You have specific questions

You want to up-level your offerings

You don't want to waste any more time, energy, or {gasp} money "doing it yourself" without confidence that your it's going to pay off. You need a set-of professional eyes, tough love (maybe), tactical step on how to make "it" better, and an accountability partner.

request brochure

Well, you've made it all the way here which means you probably need some solid coaching. 

All you have to do now is request the brochure and ask me all the questions.

I'll help you determine whether or not a la carte coaching is the right investment for your business. 

I won't waste your time or money, that's a guarantee. 

book your service

Once we've both agreed a la carte coaching is best for you, we'll slap on a deadline, sign the contract, and I'll get to work. Payment is due at this time.

I have a team full of marketing experts, copywriters, SEO analysts, e-comm experts, designers, photogs, you name it. I do not work in a bubble. 

receive your materials

Like checklists? I'll send you a detailed checklists with what to do and in what order.

Prefer visual learning? I can walk you through how to do things and show you how to change things on video.

Some services will take place over a 1:1 Zoom call. Those will be recorded and sent to you for your reference. 

Coaching the way YOU need it.

is a la coaching right for me?

How it works

Portfolio Critique

Is your portfolio helping or hurting you? This service will show you how to pick & showcase images on your website and/or social media.

Email Marketing Critique

Your email list should be your #1 focus for so many reasons. Book this if you need to either start email marketing or begin marketing.

SOS Call

You need professional advice! Difficult clients, bridal prep, kit building, brainstorming your next idea, starting a podcast, retailing products... let's chat.

Website & Copy Review

Does your site load slow? Does your website copy match your personality & business goals? Is the layout working? I'll give it to you straight.

Client Experience

My client experience is my #1 priority. This has led to authentic, unsolicited five star reviews, return clients, and confidence to do everything else.

Strategic Collaborations & Vendor Relations

Exposure doesn't pay the bills. I'll help you learn how to pursue and build strategic collaborations & relationships that will help your business grow like wildfire.

coaching services

the investment

Look, I know how much makeup artists make... we work SO hard for every dollar we earn.

I developed a la carte coaching specifically for freelance makeup artists who don't have a ridiculous marketing budget to blow. Artists who rely on their income to keep their businesses up and running, food on the table, vacation money, rent, luxury handbags, whatever!

Every client, every job is hard-earned.

A la carte coaching services start at $250.

If ALL the a la carte services sound amazing, consider applying for my MUA Mastermind.

If anything starting at $250 is too much for you, check out my Template Shop before you leave.


Wondering if this is the right fit? Have a few more questions for us?

Email me!

I'm happy to help!