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3 Action Items to Take Right Now to Grow Your MUA Business

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3 Action Items to Take Right Now to Grow Your MUA Business

Hey everyone! I thought you might like a few little tips to grow your MUA business that you can take right now (today, this week, or this month), especially if you’re in the middle of a slow season.


I’m not going to bore you with a super long intro, because I know how busy you are. So, let’s just get right into the tips!

#1 – Comb Through Your Reviews & Testimonials


Look at the feedback you received from past clients or even past models. Pull out the key words that people say about you all the time. For example, are people always saying that it’s a relaxing and judgement-free experience? Are they saying that you make them feel beautiful?


For me, it’s the amount of education I give during makeup sessions. I’ve actually grown that into a huge part of my business now, and I might not have realized that was the path I should take if I didn’t key into what my people were saying about their experience with me!


As you built a list of these key words, think about how you can use them in your branding! Then, don’t forget to share your testimonials on your social media channels as social proof (and don’t forget to save them to an Instagram highlight so they’re always accessible!)


If you are just starting out and you don’t have any reviews yet, think about the people who you’ve applied makeup to in the past for free, like friends and family members. Maybe you applied makeup as part of a local production or event. Ask people to email you a testimonial or leave a review on social media or Google (if you have it set up).

#2 – Posting & Pinning Consistently


Social media is your best friend as a makeup artist, but you have to keep feeding the machine, so to speak. During your slower seasons, make it a priority to clean up your social media pages and make sure all your links are working. Your rankings will start to drop and you’ll lose followers and likes if you’re not consistent.


Whenever I go on vacation, I like to let people know that I will be away for a while so they’re not confused about why there’s no content flowing. I also use Tailwind to schedule out content on my Instagram and Pinterest whenever I know I’m not going to have time to login and post. This ensures that content keeps flowing, which keeps my engagement up even when I can’t show up.

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BONUS TIP: Since I brought up engagement, I have to say this: if you want engagement on your posts, you HAVE to engage on other people’s posts. I’m not talking about double taps and emojis, either. Meaningful comments and real connection. If you’re not spending the time engaging, you cannot expect engagement in return.


Grab My Free Systems & Tools Guide!

I’ve created a freebie checklist that lists out all of the resources I recommend for aspiring MUAs. It features referral links (not affiliate links) and many of these links will get you free trials or discounts on these resources!


#3 – Take a Hard Look at Your Rates


Ok, so for the final tip to grow your MUA business, I want you to take a really long hard look at your hourly rate and calculate how long it takes you to prepare for, correspond with, and attend to each client. I see a lot of fresh new makeup artists (which I was too, at one point) who are charging maybe $40-50 to do makeup.


But I know from experience that what people are not seeing is the hour (or so) you’re spending on admin stuff like getting the appointment set up, answering questions, sending your questionnaire, and preparing your emails. Not to mention washing and sanitizing everything and setting up your kit!

Digital Business Templates for Makeup Artists

So, when you break it all down, are you making $50 or are you making $10-15 an hour? You could go to Target or McDonalds and make around the same amount, so you need to make sure your rates reflect your worth and cover your costs.


Make Your MUA Dreams a Reality


Success as a makeup artist doesn’t happen overnight and investing in your business (and yourself) is absolutely necessary as you grow your business. If you aren’t sure what steps to take next, don’t worry! I got your back. 


The Side Hustle Makeup Artist course will launch later this year, and it will walk you through business and branding basics, social media strategy, client communication, kit building, and so much more!


Sign up below to be the first to know when the course launches!

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