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Luxury Bridal Makeup and Agency Work with Rachel Lusk

Luxury Bridal Makeup and Agency Work


Hey everyone! This is Natalie Setareh, your makeup artist and beauty coach here a with another episode with the one and only, Rachel Lusk. She is an agency representing commercial artists specializing in luxury bridal makeup and hair. Her bridal work has been featured in publications like Vogue Japan and Vogue Weddings. Some of her commercial clients include Anthropologie’s Bridal line BHLDN, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tatcha, and Ole Henricksen — to name a few. In today’s episode, we are going to dig deep into the day and life of an agency represented luxury bridal and commercial makeup artist.


My sister in law is a Nurse Practitioner — I am always asking her crazy stories from the ER (of course, stories with happy, funny, or odd endings.) I thought it would be fun to start this episode with hearing one of Rachel’s craziest/favorite wedding stories. 


# 2 The reader’s digest version of how she fell into the world of bridal makeup artistry [06:40]


luxury bridal makeup artist


Just a friendly reminder, not all makeup artists are bridal makeup artists. As a matter of fact, being a bridal makeup artist isn’t for everyone! However, bridal makeup is where most freelance makeup artists start out (that’s how I got my start). In my interview with Melissa Street she openly talked about how bridal makeup was not her thing and why. Melissa also talks about how artists shouldn’t (and ultimately cannot) skip steps in their career.

Rachel shares about how she landed in the world of luxury bridal and how this differs from traditional bridal makeup. I also ask how she grew and continues to grow her business.


# 3 Why did she want to be in an agency? [12:00]


skincare makeup artist commercial


There are many reasons why makeup artists would want agency representation and why artists would choose to remain independent artists. I asked Rachel if she could expand why and how she went the agency route and how this impacted her, her artistry, and her business. 


# 4 How does a makeup artist get into an agency? [15:25]


Teal Eyeshadow and Red Lip agency makeup artist


# 5 Luxury Bridal Makeup – Perception vs. Reality [21:22]


luxury bridal makeup artist



# 6 What are her goals as an artist? [26:46]


I cannot WAIT to be there for this goal!


Rachel Lusk quote


# 7 What are her holy grail items and why? [29:01]


This episode wouldn’t be complete with asking Rachel what her favorite items are in her luxury bridal kit. I’m happy to say, 4/5 of these are in my kit too! Can you guess which one isn’t?


Face Atelier Foundation


Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover Foundation


danessa myricks vision cream cover foundation


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter



NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer



Viseart Eyeshadows



“To be a luxury makeup artist, you have to look at the deep philosophy of how you’re operating your business.” Rachel Lusk

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