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Military Officer to Makeup Officer: Standing Out and Starting Over

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I cannot remember that last time  I opened up my computer and started to type… without a plan or clear outline and started writing. This amazing career I’ve been fortunate enough to grow has taught me that in order  to avoid burnout I must (at least attempt) to remain organized. I drafted checklists, started to-do lists, and created deadlines for all many projects and initiatives I’ve dreamed up, both on-going and one-off ones. My podcast is one of those on-going projects that has grown beautiful roots so naturally and organically. And these are roots in soil I’ve been working hard to cultivate and keep healthy since day one.

But after yet again another move, two young kids, making a home, summer break, I saw the first Monday of October looming over my head and for once, didn’t have a plan of what I was going to share with you. I texted my brand new podcast manager to see if she had any ideas (she did) but my daughter was sent home early from kindergarten and well… the day slipped away.

While I’ve worked incredibly hard to remain consistent in getting you a quality, well-thought out episode to you every month, that just didn’t happen.

Sometimes, life happens and time slips through your fingertips and you find yourself upon a self-imposed deadline with absolutely nothing.

In case you didn’t know or forgot, my podcast started in the car while my infant daughter was napping. Now, the show has had some of the most talented and well respected leaders and artists in the beauty industry to mentor and inspire us. (Check out these episodes Eugenia, Melissa, Cathi, Terri…to name a few.) And the list of amazing guests and relevant topics are  only growing bigger! Probably because this isn’t a technical show for makeup artists or a generic show for makeup lovers… it’s relationships, storytelling, authentic and meaningful dialogue. This show is my way of connecting with others.

The Be Your Own Makeup Artist Podcast has turned into this beautiful conversation of stories, experiences, and honesty in an industry that’s known for being fake and superficial.

So what happens when you have nothing planned but have a calling to get something out there? Well, I pulled out my “resourceful passionate entrepreneur” handbook and found a way. I made an episode out of thin air (no pun intended)!

I scrolled through all the many draft podcast episodes that didn’t make the cut. “How to use a beauty sponge”; and “How to speed up your makeup application”; and “How to shop smart during the holidays” but I don’t know, those topics seem a bit too superficial for me in this moment in time.

But then, I found an episode titled “Speech,” “This might be a good one,” I thought. I’m pretty sure the reason I didn’t publish this episode was because I felt like I was giving away too much (like I tend to do). When I give presentations or speeches to paying audiences (seems like a past life now), I go from holding back to giving all the details.

So without further adieu, here’s the speech I gave to a lovely group of budding entrepreneurs and people invested in learning. Of course (shameless plug), I’d love to get back in the public speaking circuit and if you’re interested in booking me for your in-person of virtual event, you can learn more about how that work here.

From Military Officer to Makeup Artist and Standing Out and Starting Over… here you go!



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