In late 2019, I was asked to speak for a Frankfurt-based English speaking group. Within one month from that speech, I was asked three times after to speak and present to local and international organizations, to include Spark Women Amsterdam.

My stories and experiences are impactful. They resonate with people from diverse backgrounds, probably because I myself have a unique background.


The rest is history! 

military officer to makeup artist

breaking stereotypes

Grit. Moxie. Resiliency.

Although I've always had a creative and artistic spirit since a young age, I commissioned in the United States Air Force by way of an ROTC Scholarship studying Meteorology at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I went on a path totally opposite of my heart. 

While military-life didn't come naturally for me, I learned how to thrive accomplished so much in a decade of service, to include receiving a personal letter of thanks from then President Obama. 

After grad school, all the plans I had for myself returned full circle and I revisited my passion for art and boldly became a Makeup Artist.

It's a story that reminds everyone that there's no clearly defined path. 

standing out in a saturated industry


The Beauty Industry is worth over $30B.

Anyone can call themselves a makeup artist.

But I've managed to carve out a name a reputation for myself organically and authentically -- and now am becoming known as the makeup artist who teaches people how to wear makeup.

I did this in spite of having to pick up and move my business two times in three years, once internationally. 

According to the stats, I should be closed for business. How I love proving people wrong!

This keynote goes deep into the how's, the why's, and the mindset that has allowed me to quintupled my income from year three to year four, publish a book, and stand out in a saturated industry.

bootstrap your business on a budget

you've got this

I didn't outsource any aspect of my business until year three.

Why? Because when you are just starting out, you have to figure things out as you go! Plus, you don't have the revenue yet to do all the fancy things!

This keynote gives you my actual tactical and practical strategies on how to do it, not just inspire you to go out and do-it.

- How To Self-Publish A Book

- How and When To Diversify Your Income

- How-To Be Inclusive

- How-To Scale Your Business

- Social Media: How To Share Authentically & Vulnerably Without Compromising On Personal Life

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Kind Words

"We enjoyed your story very much as well as your performance, you were very well prepared, your visual material was prime! and the story itself was great, You brought humor, and made people laugh!" 

jennifer p.

The Reviews

"I had the chance to try tinted moisturizers (which I have since bought) and the trick about lining the lower lid with white / beige to brighten tired looking eyes were my biggest takeaways!"