Learn Makeup At Home: The 7 Best Resources – For Beginners to Pros

best resources to learn makeup at home

Want to learn makeup at home but don’t know where to start? I know it can be totally overwhelming looking for a reputable source for makeup education, especially on the internet. There are so many resources out there and it can be daunting having to wade through them all and decide which one to invest your money into.

Plus, there are literally countless YouTube tutorials out there, as well as influencers teaching people how to use makeup. While some of them are great sources to learn a few makeup tips and tricks from, most of them are actually just producing this content to sell you products or to build their following as an influencer. They don’t really care whether or not the tips work or whether it works for you.

I wanted to put together a list of real makeup education resources for both beginners and more adept makeup wearers. These are resources that take into account the particularities of each individual person. These aren’t just general tutorials that teach you “how to contour and highlight” without first teaching you how to identify your face shape and accentuate your specific bone structure for the best possible results (just an example).

So, if you’re feeling frustrated with your makeup game (or lack thereof) or you want to gift someone the life-long skill of learning how to wear and apply makeup for the moments that matter, you’re in the right place.

And the good news is that most, if not all, of these options, are affordable and most importantly, accessible. These are not in any particular order, and of course, I only know what I know. If you think I missed a good one, please let me know in the comments so I can expand this list as needed. So, without further ado…

 The 7 Best Resources to Learn Makeup at Home

1. Makeup For Beginners (beginners)

by Natalie Setareh

Yes, I am putting myself on the list. Let me explain. My Makeup For Beginners Guide really is awesome. It’s a sort of “Reader’s Digest” version of my book, Be Your Own Makeup Artist. It’s a comprehensive and no-nonsense guide for those just getting started with makeup. In there, you’ll learn about my four-step makeup application and how to adapt it to suit your skin type, face shape, and lifestyle. 

I also share some information about skincare, face, eye, and lip makeup and what items I consider essential (and which ones I think you can totally skip). It’s a really good introduction to get you acquainted with creating a super wearable everyday makeup look.

If you know me at all, you know that it is also a completely unbiased and unsponsored guide. You can rest assured that everything I recommend and all my tips are there because that’s really what I believe is best for you. The price point is perfect for those who just want to dip a toe in the world of makeup education.

Cost: $1.99

Learn Makeup At Home makeup for beginners


2. Be Your Own Makeup Artist Academy

(beginners to intermediate) by Natalie Setareh

The Be Your Own Makeup Artist Academy is basically my book… on steroids – and a great way to learn makeup at home. It’s targeted for normal, everyday people who want to learn what to shop for and how to apply makeup in a way that suits their face. I teach all of my favorite “makeup hacks” that the professional makeup artists use to save time and money and I walk you through the process of determining your skin type as well as your face, eye, eyebrow, and lip shape. I will show you how to find the types of makeup and products that will work best for you and your skin type and which brushes and tools you should use! 

Learn Makeup At Home be your own makeup artist academy

There are loads of examples, specific product recommendations, and demonstration videos that you can watch over and over until you feel confident. There’s so much more to it, but you get the idea. You will love it! If you don’t want to miss it, sign up on the waitlist below:


3. Mature Glam – Makeup For Mature Skin (beginners to intermediate) – Eugenia Weston, James Vincent, Melanie Mills

This is an outstanding course for those who want to master the art of makeup for mature skin. This type of skin has certain characteristics and specific needs that other skin types don’t have, so if this is your skin type, listen up!

Melanie Mills is known for her Emmy award-winning Gleam technique. Eugenia Weston is also an award-winning makeup artist renowned for working with Hollywood legends and she created the amazing makeup brand Senna Cosmetics. I know both of these two makeup artists personally and let me tell you: you would NEVER guess their age. They know what they’re doing when it comes to mature skin and the tips and lessons they share are priceless. My own mom attended from the comfort of her own home and in PJs and she learned so much!

Cost $15

Make sure to follow @eugenia.weston on Instagram, and listen to my interview with her, here in Episode #24 of my podcast!

Learn Makeup At Home mature glam


4. Color Theory in Flesh Tone (beginners to advanced) – Terri Tomlinson

During her time working with makeup and teaching people about makeup, Terri Tomlinson realized there was a lot of confusion around color theory, skin tones, and makeup in general. So she launched this amazing tool, the Flesh Tone Color Wheel, which is something I keep in my kit at all times and use with almost every single client.

Now she’s taking things to a whole new level with this makeup course where she helps you learn all about undertones and how to color match, compliment, and create a color story. This is a class taken by makeup enthusiasts, photographers, and established makeup artists alike. I believe this class should be a prerequisite for any aspiring makeup artist and anyone going into cosmetic product development. 

Learn more about color theory in my interview with Terri Tomlinson here.

Learn Makeup At Home Terri Tomlinson

Make sure to follow @territomlinsonmakeup on Instagram, and listen to my interview with her, here in Episode #24 of my podcast!

5. Masterclass with Bobbi Brown (beginners)

Bobbi Brown disrupted the 90s beauty industry with wearable, flattering, and high-quality lipsticks to contrast the grunge style that emerged during the 80s. Her namesake brand was sold to Estee Lauder in 1995 and eventually, she left the company she built from the ground up.

Although her makeup line lives on, Bobbi is back with a brand new makeup line and she’s also emerging into the makeup education space with a great Masterclass. Plus, she has an amazing makeup book – which I have recommended on this post with the best 10 makeup books you’ll ever need.

Sign up for a year of the Masterclass

Learn Makeup At Home Masterclass Bobbi Brown


6. Makeup Classes at Sephora & Ulta

Even though this is not actually a way to learn makeup at home, you can attend their free classes and then practice at home. Anyways, I am really, really loving Sephora’s empowering videos of their employees who have broken stereotypes and overcome extreme prejudices based on their race, gender identity, physical abilities, etc. While I don’t shop at Sephora as much as I used to (I prefer to shop directly from the brands I support and/or professional brands where I can use my discount) I really do recommend their makeup classes.

Ulta, like Sephora, has come a long way in terms of educational programs and masterclasses. However, anytime you go to an Ulta or Sephora (or department stores in general) to take a makeup class, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

These classes are most often free or extremely affordable and they *may* have lots of amazing tips and tricks to share with you. However, at the end of the day, their goal is to sell you something (normally they have a quota). So you may walk away with great knowledge, but you also might walk away with an armful of products that you don’t really need.  

Apart from that, they do have amazing classes, so make sure you attend to them, keeping in mind that you are not obligated to spend money in the store.  


7. A La Carte Coaching (advanced) – Natalie Setareh

For all you professional or side-hustle makeup artists, this is for you! Do you want to learn how to grow your business or teach your clients how to wear makeup? Then listen up.

My a la carte coaching isn’t a makeup course per se; instead, it’s a way for makeup artists to learn more about the trade virtually from home. My a la carte coaching service was created to provide a service I desperately needed as a new and semi-established makeup artist. I wanted to know what I could improve upon when it came to my portfolio, my website, my booking process, my pricing, my kit, etc.

In the a la carte coaching program, I won’t teach you makeup, but I will teach you business strategy so you can build a sustainable and thriving makeup business. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch with me, and let’s chat!

That’s a Wrap!

PS: You can also find amazing information on makeup books. I’ve created a list of the best makeup books out there and you can check it out by clicking here.

Did you like this post? Then share your thoughts in the comments below, write me an email or message me at @nataliesetareh on Instagram.

Natalie Setareh Instagram Makeup Tips for Beginners


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