How to Stay Centered and Humble in the Beauty Industry - The Amazing Nicky Posley


Nicky Posley: Creating Iconic Looks While Staying Centered

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How to stay centered and humble in the beauty industry with Nicky Posley


How to Stay Centered and Humble in the Beauty Industry

with The Amazing Nicky Posley

Cultivating the ability to stay centered and maintain inner peace is essential to your success and growth, no matter what industry you are in. As many of you know or might expect, the beauty industry is a fast-paced environment with high expectations. Managing all aspects of clientele, education, and your own business can quickly become overwhelming.

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Educator Nicky Posley shares his insights on how to navigate growing in a competitive field while maintaining your boundaries and providing unparalleled service to your clients.


An esthetician by trade with over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Sonia specializes in makeup for women over 40. She is one of Chicago’s top makeup artists, and she is known for flawless complexion work and eyes that kill. She doesn’t do social media trends. Instead, she specializes in classic looks that you’ll never be embarrassed of when you look back in photos in 20 years. (we’ve all been there!)  Quick sidebar… I was introduced to Glossible at IMATS London a few years ago. A fellow makeup artist was sitting next to me, and she suggested I join the Glossible group. I actually went ahead and joined ALL your groups. Honestly, I finally felt like I found my people. As a matter of fact, I found two fellow artists turned friends on this side of the planet who are my makeup besties. Nika Ambrozic, who  I interviewed in Episode 14 on capsule makeup bags -- and Katrin Levi in episode 17, we talked about sanitation! Ok, now that I’ve set the stage, let’s get into my interview with Sonia Roselli!

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Nicky Posley’s journey into makeup began through a strong fascination with the transformative power of beauty art and fashion. A fine artist first, Nicky experimented with many visual art forms, eventually finding the medium he felt most at home with. He is both a working artist, and a respected educator of his craft.

He believes that makeup is art, and that art is empowerment. Whether it be slick and modern or primitive and rudimentary, art can evoke emotions deeply rooted in the human experience. Like the human experience, it is ever-changing. . . always evolving.

Nicky’s work is beyond imagination, timeless, and truly the gold standard for beauty work. I am so honored to be sharing this conversation with you today!


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#1 – Can you tell me about how makeup is so empowering for you as the artist, as well as your clients? 

I began as a Fine Artist, and makeup is art. Art transcends EVERYTHING and touches the souls of who we are. Makeup makes up feel empowered to stand in our truth, and I am there to experience these special moments in the lives of my clients. Every part of makeup, from applying to wearing, is empowering.


#2 – Could you share what it is like to be a Celebrity Makeup Artist, or working in high stress events? 

You have to be able to stay centered within yourself regardless of the circumstances- you also have to be realistic about the pressure of these environments and come with your A game.

I perform centering rituals regularly- a good amount of rest, a nice meal, staying hydrated and showing myself the amount of pampering I give to my clients so I can give them the full experience and the best that the situation will allow me.

There’s a lot of compromise involved, particularly with celebrity clients, and you have to be prepared to handle that with grace.


How to Stay Centered and Humble in the Beauty Industry - The Amazing Nicky Posley

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#3 – Have you experienced anything in your career that has tried to detract you from facing social issues with your art?

There are many things going on, even globally, that can weigh a person down and keep them from speaking up. I like to lead with my gift. I try to create a space for conversation to happen about social issues. This kind of side-steps the speed at which everything is happening these days. We have to create a space for our peace and you have to know who you are in order to give yourself peace. You cannot ascend to your greatness, and therefore serving your clients, without peace.


#4 – How has being a makeup artist and educator brought value to your life?

This whole journey has been a beautiful surprise. As you know, this found me. I have remained centered and humble on my journey, and believe that has contributed immensely to my life.
As an educator, you can’t just lean into your process and tell students to do what you’re doing. You have to build a process and there has to be a reason why. Even though I am the one educating, I am also the learner. I am a lifelong learner, and that is why I continue to grow personally while growing professionally.


#5 – Let’s talk about what you are offering for Education because everyone should know! 

So I wanted to focus on the most asked questions and the specific topics I feel are most valuable. I created a few different workshops to offer anyone interested in learning more about beauty and makeup. I then combined the workshops into my Essential Looks Bundle, which gives you everything at one discounted price. There’s also more coming, but I ask my learners to be patient- this takes time, especially with Covid, and I want to do it right.


This has been absolutely amazing. Where can my listeners connect with you?

Nicky’s Instgram bio has a link to his education site, where you can see what he currently offers and stay up to date on whatever comes next. You can also follow him on Instagram to keep up with my day-to-day.


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