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Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty and Makeup Enthusiasts

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Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty and Makeup Enthusiasts

The post was originally published on November 7, 2019. Edited: November 28, 2023

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission. I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you!

If you’re shopping for a makeup lover or beauty enthusiast, I’ve rounded up some of the best beauty gifts (and gifts to avoid) this festive season.

I’m showcasing some of my favorite brands and products and receive no compensation to making this post. However, I might have sprinkled in some affiliate links which means that I’ll receive a tiny commission for any purchases made using my links. Please refer to my privacy policy for more information.


For The Trendsetters

Lady Gaga Haus Labs 

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories

I ordered some products from this line during the Amazon Prime sale in July. I just love how Lady Gaga is not so heavy on the retouching of her marketing images; this is a huge plus for me. So, I was really curious how this approach to makeup was going to translate into the actual products. 

So what makes it so special?

The colors are surprisingly versatile. So are the products. I dare to say she created makeup without “labels” being that whose saying you can’t put “lip gloss” on your eyes or vice versa. I love that about this brand and I love Lady Gaga.

The packaging is super edgy and also distinctive. You might not think that packaging matters, but it does. Especially on the holidays where you really want that WOW factor as they open your gift. It just feels good to give and receive something that looks this good.

Check out Haus Labs here >

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Foundation

Pat McGrath is a color genius and her products are so fun to look at. Anything she pushes out, you know a lot of thought and testing went into. The shade range is thoughtful, inclusive, and you know anything from Pat McGrath is world-class quality!

So what makes Pat McGrath makeup so special?

Aside from her inspiration as one of the most famous and highest earning makeup artists in the world, she’s also a woman of color!

Don’t let her marketing fool you! Many of her makeup products are pro-kit staples, especially her blushes. They wear beautifully and luxuriously at the same time.

Her packaging is beautiful, though not ‘landfill’ friendly. The good news is that you can use/reuse/repurpose old packaging with new makeup.  

Shop Pat McGrath Lab Here >

For The Classic & Nostalgic Beauty Lover

Besame Cosmetics 

Besame Cosmetics Cream Mascara


I was introduced to the brand Besame when I was asked to be the official makeup artist for the 70th Annual Observation of the Berlin Airlift. Over 20K people attended and many of the models my team and I got ready made the national news.

When preparing for this event, I wanted to capture the authentic makeup of the 1940s.

Besame didn’t disappoint! They specialize in period makeup colors and formulations. The quality of the makeup is top notch and representative of the era. 

What Makes Besame Special?

 If you’ve always wanted to get the lipstick color your older relatives or ancestors might’ve worn, this brand is for you.

Aside from the lipsticks, I recommend the cake mascara and brush.

Shop the brand here >

Lisa Eldridge’s Book, Facepaint: The Story of Makeup

Face Paint The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge


Lisa Eldridge has become a household name. She’s also one of the makeup artists I’ve been following for years.

In fact, her book, “Painting Faces” sits prominently in my makeup studio and on in my top 10 makeup books of all time post here… it’s gorgeous AND informative.

Everything she does and every piece of content she pushes out is world-class. There’s no wonder the world has begun to take notice… she’s gone viral. When she developed her own lipstick line, I knew I’d have to have them too!

What Makes This Book Special?

This book is not only beautiful, it’s full of amazing makeup history that anyone interested in history will appreciate.  

Get your copy here >

For The Makeup Beginner

[online course] Learn Makeup In 5 Days

learn makeup in 5 days course: makeup for beginners banner

Online learning has never been so fun. This inclusive, gentle, and practical makeup learning course teaches you everything you need to know about creating an everyday skincare and makeup routine. To make things easier for you, I also offer personalized makeup shopping service, I’ll shop for 5 makeup products for you which are best for your skin type and tone. Moreover, if you’re looking for unbiased, unsponsored product advice, you can ask me here.

Learn More >

[1:1 experience] Create Your Signature Makeup Look

Create Your Signature Makeup Look is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about makeup. This is where you get to explore makeup in your own way, making it uniquely yours. I offer 1:1 makeup coaching at Create Your Signature Look. No matter where you are on your makeup journey, I’m here to help you learn at your own pace and in your own time.


Create Your Signature Look Logo

Learn more >

Be Your Own Makeup Artist: Unleash Your Inner Beauty

Be Your Own Makeup Artist Stock Photo


Of course, my book is the obvious *perfect* gift for makeup newbies. It goes over the fundamentals of makeup, in magazine form, and helps readers make sense of makeup. 

What Makes This Book Special?

Not only did I self-publish this book, it’s inclusively written — meaning it’s for makeup learners of every age, race, and gender. It’s also cosmetology school curriculum in Germany — pretty cool!

Shop My Book >

For The Child At Heart

Eyeshadow Makeup Design: Eye Chart Coloring Book

I recently published my very own eyeshadow coloring book and I am SO excited to share it with you! It’s called “Eyeshadow Makeup Design: Eye Chart Coloring Book” and it contains over 30 different eye shapes and sizes so you can let your creativity can run wild.


Eyeshadow Makeup Design Eye Chart Coloring Book by Natalie Setareh cover


What Makes This Book Special?

In my eyeshadow coloring book, each eye shape is printed on single-sided paper. This makes it easy to use and easy to frame your finished designs if you want.

Shop My Book >

Make Your Own Lipstick Art Coloring Book

I also created a lipstick coloring book called “Make Your Own Lipstick Art Coloring Book” that’s perfect if you want to practice different lip looks. I made sure to include a range of unique lip shapes in the book for variety and representation, which is something that is so important to me. Not everyone’s lips or eyes are the same shape and it’s important that people see themselves in these kinds of products.

make your own lipstick art coloring book book cover


Shop My Book >

For The Luxury Makeup Queen

Christian Louboutin Lipstick


Christian Louboutin Lipstick and Case


You’re not necessarily just buying the lipstick but also the tube, which is a work of art and will definitely be considered an heirloom piece 20 years from now.

These velvet matte, sheer voile, and silky satin finish lipsticks come in a variety of classic and versatile colors, an iconic and reusable tube, and the box the lipstick comes in also doubles as an heirloom jewelry container.

What Makes This Special?

It’s not just a lipstick… it’s a lipstick experience. Plus I love gifts that turn into heirlooms. 

Check out the lipstick line here >


Hermes Lipstick



Mature Makeup Maven

Senna Cream Blush


Senna Cream To Powder Blush Shade Petal Pink

If you ever sat in my chair as a client, then I probably used one (or mixed several) of the cream blushes from Senna’s collection.

Move over powder blush. Cream blushes are where it’s at.

Cream blushes are universally flattering on all skin types — but as we get older, cream blushes just work and wear better on mature clientele.

This formula is one of the most beautiful, natural-wearing, melt on your face blush I’ve ever used.

Unless you are a working makeup artist, stick to her singles! There’s no need for you to have the entire palette, although it is beautiful to look at and experiment with. 

What Makes These Blushes Special?

Aside from the amazing formulation and well-thought-out colors, the brand founder is a gem in the beauty industry. Eugenia Weston and her amazing work is what makes this blush so special. 

Get your perfect blush here >

Veil Hourglass Primer

Veil Hourglass Primer


This primer, when applied to freshly moisturized skin or mixed in with liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, has such fantastic qualities when applied. It is light-wearing, oil-free but not drying, and reflects light in such a flattering way. 

What Makes This Primer Special?

The fact that I don’t love primers and love this primer should say enough. I love how this works on all skin types and I love the subtle underglow the beams through makeup on top. It’s chefs kiss pretty.

Shop Veil Hourglass Primer Here >


For The Makeup Lover Who Has It All

Danessa Myricks Cream Color

Danessa Myricks Colorfix


I bought one of these for my friend at IMATS London who is a makeup lover who has (or knows) it all! 

She hadn’t ever tried or purchased any of Danessa Myricks cosmetics at this time and boy, did she loves it. It took her awhile to figure out how to use it, because, well, like Lady Gaga’s line mentioned above, it’s not necessarily designed for one particular part of the face. They come in little tubes so you can use them however you see fit. From matte to metallic, these are one of the most versatile pigment products on the market!

I love Danessa Myricks and everything she puts out there. She will be a household name before we know it and it’s bittersweet. She’s been serving the pro-community for years but is breaking more and more into the consumer market. 

Get the fix >

IMATS Tickets



This gift idea goes with the whole theme of experiences over things. If you have someone in your life who loves makeup and really values experiences, you will knock it out of the part with this gift. 

It’s sort of like COMICON but for the makeup lover.

I’m sure the makeup lover who has it all hasn’t necessarily been to an event where all the up-and-coming makeup technology is out on display. Unlike some trade shows, IMATS has days that are open to the public! As well as masterclasses you can sign up for. There are classes that are open to the public as well.

Save the date > 


Skin Care Junkie

Sonia Roselli Beauty

Sonia Roselli Skin Prep Line


While some people use primers to prep their skin for makeup… makeup artists prep the skin for makeup with quality skincare products.

Check out my interview with her on the topic of ‘Makeup For Mature Skin’ here

While there’s a long history behind this line… and a million and one reasons I could explain why this line is so powerful and amazing when using before makeup application, I’ll spare you the details. Run, don’t walk, and thank me later.

What Makes This Line Special?

Every products works on all types of skin (although I wouldn’t recommend the water oil on oily skin).

Her products are hand made in Japan, and really is probably the most luxurious thing you’ll do for yourself everyday.

Check out her line > 


Gift Certificate for a Facial

Getting your loved one a skincare service at a local esthetician is such an awesome gift.

You get your teeth cleaned at the dentist twice a year, right?

You go get your hair cut at least every six months to promote growth and hair health, right?

You buy those little facial masks at Target and try to remember to slap one on every Sunday (except really, it’s like twice a year and you have an entire shoebox full of masks, right?).

Well, a nice basic facial is self-care. It’s getting the skin on your face exfoliated, cleaned, and glowing. It’s self care + skin care and you’ll be the hero of the holidays. 


Aspiring Makeup Artists

Do you have a friend or family member who wants to become a makeup artist? This can be such a fulfilling and wonderful career and I am happy to help! 

Visit My Pro Shop for Trusted Courses and MUA Resources >

Lastly, I wish you a safe and relaxing holiday season, surrounded by the people you love most. Gifts are nice, but the time spent with the humans you care about is so much more meaningful.

Stay Beautiful,


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