3 Amazing Makeup Artists I Follow Online and Why I Love Them


3 Amazing Makeup Artists To Follow Online

3 Amazing Makeup Artists I Follow Online and Why I Love Them

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The beauty industry is growing so quickly, and even though I’m very confident in my skills as a makeup artist, I still look to the experts sometimes for inspiration and advice. They’re the people who have their finger on the latest trends, new products, and they can be a great resource for makeup artists like me, and fans of makeup… like you!

People are always asking me who my favorite makeup artists or beauty bloggers are on the internet. I have a pretty extensive working knowledge of the beauty products that are out there, but these three artists artists I follow really closely online in case I ever feel a bit lost, or just want to watch someone who’s really good at what they do!

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For Product Reviews: Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a UK-based makeup artist who has pretty much worked with all the major British celebrities. She’s author of the bestselling book Face Paint – The Story of Makeup and the Global Creative Director for Lancôme Makeup. I have this book prominently displayed in my studio too! Basically, Lisa knows her stuff. She knows why she’s using what, and her approach and philosophy to makeup and the products she uses demonstrates what she knows (and she reaffirms lots of what, why, and how I do things as an artist). I find that we share an affection for lots of the same products, so I really trust her opinion when it comes to new products that I may not have had a chance to test myself yet.

For Technique: Wayne Goss

Sometimes as makeup artists, we get a client with a unique face shape or unique facial features, and if you’re not working with these shapes and features every single day, you probably need to brush up on your techniques. If I know I’m going to have a client with, let’s day, really hooded, down-turned eyes, I will turn to Wayne Goss.

He’s the expert when it comes to creating realistic and flattering illusions with makeup. He knows what works well for different facial features. He’s so informative and detailed when it comes to explaining why certain techniques work and how to master the techniques. It’s one thing to watch a YouTuber apply makeup to their own face, but the advice doesn’t always translate well to you or a client if you have a different facial structure. Wayne is really great at explaining WHY certain techniques work which is really amazing. And he’s about to launch his own makeup line, yes!

For Professional and Freelance Makeup Artists: Angie Di Battista

Angie Di Battista is a Canadian makeup artist and YouTuber. She’s kind of like my best kept secret. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon her videos, but I was instantly obsessed. She knows the business of makeup so well, and I turn to her videos and posts for advice from time to time when it comes to running my makeup business. I think if you are someone who wants to eventually become a freelance or professional makeup artist, you could learn a ton from her!

She’s also super spot on with her product recommendations. She is just someone who knows what she’s talking about and has the gift of being able to explain things in a really concrete way that’s easy to understand. I know she’s going to get hugely popular soon, so if you want to be able to say you followed her “before she was famous” head over to her Instagram page and her YouTube channel and follow her!

Go ahead and follow these three amazing resources that I recommend for both aspiring and professional makeup artists, or just for those of you that love to play around and experiment with makeup! Do you have a favorite makeup artist that you follow online? I’d love to know who you’re obsessed with. Leave a comment for me below!

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