Eugenia Weston


Eugenia Weston, Senna Cosmetics, and Ageless Beauty

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How to thrive as a makeup artist with Eugenia Weston
I’m thrilled to have Eugenia Weston, celebrity and Emmy nominated makeup artist and founder of Senna Cosmetics as a guest on my show, the Be Your Own Makeup Podcast!

 Listen | Read to part 1 of this interview.
Questions & Topics Covered in this episode

#1 – Copycats in the Industry [03:33]

#2 – Eugenia’s interesting story of how she invented her brow stencil [09:17]

#3 – What’s the best, most positive, development you predict in the beauty industry coming in the next five years? [14:45]

#4 – What are your tips for ageless beauty? [16:23]

Mature Woman Ageless Beauty Eugenia Weston

“The thing that I feel is important right now is working with mature women.”

Eugenia’s favorite ageless beauty tips are:



  • Proper skin care
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating well

Investing In


  • Using a hydrating foundation
  • A brow pencil
  • An eyeliner (tight-lining, specifically)
  • A brightening, peach-tone concealer
  • Beautiful blush
  • Don’t skip lip liner!
Natalie Setareh Skin Type Guide

What 3 products from your line should every MUA have in their bag? [20:10]

Senna Secret Set Powder
Senna Ultra Last Eyeliner

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your decades in the industry that you’d like to pass on to other MUAs? [21:14]

Face Room Features Furniture

“I always look at the shape of the face as a room, and the features are the furniture.”

About Eugenia

Eugenia’s story is an amazing evolution of a makeup artist, from drug store cosmetics counter girl to the very 1st licensed pro artist in California, to Emmy nominated celebrity artist, SENNA brand builder, teacher and mentor to professional artists, and internationally noted product innovator.
A pioneer in the beauty industry, Eugenia perfected her art training with legendary Hollywood makeup artists. Film work gave her an intuitive sense of the interplay of lighting and color. She was inspired to design cosmetics with intense pigments and flawless textures that perform exceptionally in the most demanding conditions. Read more.

Notable Achievements


  • SENNA introduced the first brow shaping kit with stencils, the revolutionary Form-A-Brow® that launched a new beauty category.
  • Eugenia received an Emmy nomination for the 46th Emmy Awards Outstanding Makeup for Bette Midler’s makeup in the TV movie,  “Gypsy”.
  • In 2016 Eugenia received The Makeup Show’s prestigious “Legendary Makeup Artist, Leader, Educator, and Business  Owner” award.
  • In 2017, Eugenia the 2017 Lifetime  Achievement Award,  in Recognition of  Extraordinary Contributions to the Beauty Industry.


Senna Cosmetics

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