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How to Have a More Sustainable Makeup Kit

How to Have a More Sustainable Makeup Kit



Makeup Artists can Have a More Sustainable Makeup Kit. Sustainability in the Beauty Industry is a hot topic and has been on my mind so much lately! Being a better beauty consumer plays a major role in cosmetic sustainability. There are simple and effective ways that MUA’s can tailor their Makeup Kits to be more sustainable. I’d like to share 5 Tips on How to Have a More Sustainable Makeup Kit: 



1. Buy Only What You Need

2. Kit Splitting

3. Choose Refillable Products

4. Get Deluxe Samples

5. Repurpose Your Empties



#1 Buy Only What You Need:





As MUAs, we tend to buy way too much stuff. This leads to waste since most products expire within a year or so. Before you drop hundreds of dollars on new products, take some time to really know and understand your client base.


We obviously need to have a range of shades, but if you already know that your clients typically fall within a narrower shade range, there’s no need to buy a bunch of products outside of that range. This will help you be prepared and have a kit that will accommodate your actual clients, plus, it’s just a good business move! 


#2 Kit Splitting:





Have you ever heard of kit splitting? I love this idea! Kit splitting is basically when you go in with another makeup artist and split your kit. This is a really great way to get more mileage out of the things you buy without having to sacrifice quality.


If I were still doing makeup applications as much as I used to, this is definitely something I would look into. If you want to learn more about kit splitting, check out @grishanroof on Instagram. I love watching and learning from them!



# 3 Choose Refillable Products :





We’ve all bought palettes for one or two shades and boy is that wasteful. That’s why I love customizing my own refillable palettes. I talk about refillable makeup and depotting in my latest podcast episode on sustainability. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should! There’s a lot of info in it for consumers, but there are also some good tips for MUAs.



Also, while you’re working with your clients, educate them about refillable options and show how it’s better for the environment. Show them how when you buy in a larger size, it means less packaging and, as an added bonus… you can save some serious money!


#4 Get Deluxe Samples:





You can buy deluxe samples for a lot less than full-size products. This gives you the opportunity to decide if you want to continue using the product, or gauge how quickly you will go through something.



If after going through the entire sample you decide you want to invest in more of a particular product, you can buy it in a larger size and refill your deluxe sample containers as needed. I am all about trying new things, and deluxe samples are a great way to do that affordably and sustainably.





#5 Repurpose Your Empties:



 Cathi Singh is the QUEEN of repurposing, and if you didn’t get a chance to hear my interview with her, I strongly encourage you to check it out. She shares so many great tips for MUAs, including some really great ideas for repurposing!


You can search the hashtag #CathiHacks on Instagram to see some of her best hacks and hacks from other MUAs who are also into repurposing! My favorite one that she’s shared is the collapsible silicone travel cups for holding/washing/soaking her BeautyBlenders! Genius!


Closing Thoughts :


Thank you all for reading this post! I hope these 5 Tips have helped you to Have a More Sustainable Makeup Kit. If you have any comments, questions, or would like to see more on this topic please comment below or consider A La Carte Coaching from me!


A La Carte Coaching was born out of the passion passion to provide a service I desperately needed as a new and semi-established makeup artist. It is focused, objective, and strategic coaching that ensures a sanity check for MUA’s.


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