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Template Shop Mockup Natalie Setareh

Save Time and Earn More with Makeup Artist Proposal and Invoice Templates

Hi friends! I wanted to take some time to talk directly to my fellow makeup artists and aspiring makeup artists. I’ve said it over and over again — and these days, it’s more true than it’s ever been before — running a profitable makeup artist business, on your terms, is tough. On the one hand, […]

Kim Baker Beauty

Showing Up Authentically in Your Beauty Business

In this episode, you’ll learn how to show up authentically in your beauty business. Kim shares her strategies of when, why, and how coaching can impact your business faster than doing it yourself as well as know when, why, and how makeup artists can retail products in a way that doesn’t label them as a “sell […]

Learn Makeup At Home: The 7 Best Resources – For Beginners to Pros

Want to learn makeup at home but don’t know where to start? I know it can be totally overwhelming looking for a reputable source for makeup education, especially on the internet. There are so many resources out there and it can be daunting having to wade through them all and decide which one to invest […]

Terri Tomlinson Flesh Toned Color Wheel

Color Theory and Makeup with Terri Tomlinson

  Colors evoke emotion and when you intentionally know how, when, where, and why to use certain colors over others — you’ll live a far more empowered and confident life. Learning about color theory and especially color theory and makeup, is going to elevate your look to the next level. You’ll never be unprepared or […]

Products for Makeup Artists 2021 - Natalie Setareh

The Best Products and Tools for Makeup Artists in 2021

Let’s talk products for makeup artists. From time to time, we all need to reassess what we have, toss out things that are past their prime, and restock with some new items, like a top-notch palette or a professional makeup brush. If you’re feeling like it’s time to update the products in your pro kit, […]

Eugenia Weston

How to Thrive as a Makeup Artist part II

I’m thrilled to have Eugenia Weston, celebrity and Emmy nominated makeup artist and founder of Senna Cosmetics as a guest on my show, the Be Your Own Makeup Podcast!  Listen | Read to part 1 of this interview. 6 Questions & Topics Covered in this episode (plus a bonus question at the end of the episode): […]

Stay at Home Style Guide Featured Image

Stay At Home Style: Doing More With Less

Stay At Home Style Guide: Doing More With Less   Listen to the podcast: Apple | Spotify | A Quick Note from Us   As the pandemic wages on, we’ve had plenty of time to consider what’s truly important. The bottom line is, we don’t need that much stuff to be happy — that includes new […]

makeup stocking stuffer

The Best Drugstore Makeup Stocking Stuffers of 2020

I love big gifts, but makeup stocking stuffers have a special place in my heart. If you’ve read my Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty and Makeup Enthusiasts, you know that there’s something for everyone on your list, from a great book for makeup beginners to a little something for trendsetters. But, if you’re looking for […]

Eugenia Weston

How to Thrive as a Makeup Artist – With Eugenia Weston

I often get asked how to survive and thrive as a makeup artist, and the truth is there’s no straight answer. Everyone’s journey is different and it depends a lot on external factors like where you are located in the world, your experience, and how well you market yourself. However there are a few tips […]

10 of The Most Inclusive Makeup Brands

  Inclusive makeup brands and inclusive makeup itself are not only about the skin tone and the foundation shades; it goes way beyond. Inclusivity is about considering every skin tone but also every gender and every particularity. Inclusive makeup is about giving solutions to every single person on earth who want to wear makeup. As […]



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