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8 Back To Work Style and Beauty Tips

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8 Style & Beauty Tips for Going Back to Work

Are you scratching your head not really knowing what to do after months of working from home? Are you used to pajamas or workout gear all day? Or, better yet, the typical Zoom outfit: party on top comfort on the bottom? 

The past year of working from home has made it easier to not put the effort in every morning, and we are doing things differently than we used to. Some of us used our COVID lockdown time to workout daily, and some of  us moved less and ate more – causing our bodies to expand.

The following will help you transition into the workplace confidently, comfortably, and with style.

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How do we transition from home to work styled professionally from head to toe?

There are five elements that are important to think about when styling a look that’s put together and polished for the workplace:



Getting dressed should be fun, not stressful! There are too many choices when getting dressed in the morning.  We tend to have too many “stand alones”  in our wardrobes. Tammy shared with me how she’s been experimenting with capsule wardrobes and went to the extreme creating a capsule wardrobe focusing only on one piece… A dark denim jumpsuit! 

What is a jumpsuit? A jumpsuit is a versatile piece that connects the top of the garment with the bottom. Jumpsuits are very flattering for all body types because they are not figure hugging. There are a variety of styles and fabrics when it comes to jumpsuits. A jumpsuit can be a statement piece all on it’s own or styled to be made casual, dressy, or an expression of how you feel.


When creating an extreme capsule wardrobe, as Tammy experimented with, one must ask:

  • How far can I carry this?
  • How can I make it different for every occasion?
  • How do I feel? 

Capsule Wardrobe & Rental Clothing:

After creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s important to try and have a mindset shift. Choosing timeless pieces instead of chasing trends can help from  having “stand alones” in your closet. But…if you truly need full on suit  for an interview that you’ll only wear once or on occasion, need a new designer handbag to elevate a look you are going for, or want to try a new seasonal piece – Rental Clothing is an option (think of the popular company “Rent the Runway”).

Rental clothing is booming right now, although it is a little controversial. Controversial because, yes, people aren’t purchasing then tossing clothing away and causing waste. However, the transportation and cleaning fees are costly and uses a lot of energy. In moderation rental clothing can be a good thing! 


Style Tip #2 : Comfort

How we were dressing before when going to the office was making us uncomfortable (think high heels). We also cannot wear a “business on the top, party on the bottom” outfit when leaving the house. So what would the perfect combination be in order to feel good and look good? The answer is Comfort AND Professionalism in your attire. Comfort + Professionalism is the Golden Triangle.  

Style Tip #3 : Stretchy Material

If the garment you are wearing has stretch, it will feel so much better! Stretch is not the same as being clingy. Clingy means that the fabric is too tight. Stretch just means the fabric gives, then returns (think of jeans). A stretchy fabric can be thick or thin. Knits that are heavier will smooth body parts over, and texture will help disguise any figure challenges. Fit is important – try the piece on in store and move around a bit. 

Stretchier fabrics can be a bit tricky for the sustainability aspect of your wardrobe  (think capsule wardrobe). However, a natural, classic, and timeless fabric that has good stretch is wool. But, don’t think your grandma’s knit sweater wool that was itchy when growing up! Think Men’s Summer Suits. Wool is temperature regulating and it breathes. It also is tightly woven and light weight.

Photo by Haley Truong on Unsplash


Style Tip #4 : Shoes

Historically women have made themselves uncomfortable with their shoe choices in the workplace. The heel and sole of a shoe needs to be considered when selecting a shoe for your day. A loafer or a ballet flat is a great go to – and a platform under the sole gives the shoe formality.

Also, sneakers are becoming more acceptable in the workplace. However, material makes a big difference! A leather sneaker looks more professional than a fabric pair. And color is important. Sneakers are here to stay for a good amount of time. 


Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash


Style Tip # 5 : Knowing How To Style Your Look

Just like we talked about with the jumpsuit example, you can get more mileage out of a look if you find ways to wear it differently! For example, you could roll up the sleeves, turn the color up a bit, roll up the leg, unbutton, wear a tank top, etc.


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And Now, a Few Makeup Tips From Yours Truly!

I’ve always been good about skin care and prep for makeup. And I have to admit, the first half of the year I was complacent and too stressed to care. I am getting out of the complacent zone, and am no longer feeling naked without a skincare routine! 

Here are three makeup & skincare tips I’ve adapted and think they will get you out of the complacent zone and in to the confident zone when entering the workplace again:


Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash


Beauty Tip #1 : Consistent Skincare Routine

Skin care is important, and healthy glowing skin always looks good! A lot of us overdo it, and use too many products. Give yourself permission to relax a little bit – instead of overthinking skincare! Focus on what’s really needed (definitely sunscreen), and prepping your skin for makeup. We need to get smart before putting stuff on our face! When it comes to skin care, follow people who know their stuff! If not, you could be damaging your skin and not know for years. 

If you’re confused about skincare, turn to highly qualified, certified, and educated professionals. Some professionals who I trust and follow, and are also giving amazing content for free, even are:

Andrea Suarez, MD, FAAD (Dr. Drayzday)


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Caroline Hirons 

Dr Shari Marchbein

Beauty Tip # 2 : A little goes a long way with your HERO product

Cosmetic products can make you feel complete, and that the world opens up for you! I don’t personally use a full face of makeup daily, the last time was for a sure. So, if you’re also not wearing a full face of makeup and want to look youthful: a light dusting on your face, cream blush or bronzer, and mascara will liven up your face.

Mascara is my HERO product!

I’m a little extra with it – I have one mascara for my top lashes and another for my bottom. But,  a little really does go a long way. Mascara is an easy product to use to wake up your eyes, and give you a rested look – even if maybe you haven’t had a good night sleep in years! 

Beauty Tip #3 : Lipstick!

Lipstick  is more important than it used to be!  Our lips fade and lose their melanin as we get older. A little bit, or a pop, of color on your lips can make your face look youthful. But how do we keep a stain or color on all day? And how do we do it without drying out our lips?

It’s so easy to grab a  lipstick that promise an all day stain. A lot of the ingredients in those can damage and even dry your lips out. There is a way to stain your lip for the day, while moisturising them, and keeping them from damage.

Here’s an old school hack on how to stain lips with color, without overdrying or damaging your lips:

  1. Apply lipstick.
  2. Blot lips lightly with tissue (pull tissue paper square apart in two, creating a thinner sheet).
  3. On top of tissue add dusting powder.
  4. Then…for good measure is to do it again.
  5. You can line your lips after or top with chapstick.


Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


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