You’re confident about your worth as a person and a professional

There's just one challenge; your "look" no longer represents who you are and where you want to go

In this digital age, there's no denying
the importance of your image.

→ Do you shy away from the spotlight because you aren't confident about how you look and feel? 

→ Have you been "just getting by" when it comes to your appearance?

→ Could you take your career to the next level faster if you just knew the right formula to make style and beauty work for YOU?

→ Are you tired of the fast fashion and beauty industries setting unrealistic standards for how you should look?

→ Ready to stop Googling and YouTube binging generic advice and invest in a 100% customized plan that meets your specific needs?  

do you wish you felt as confident on the outside as you do on the inside?

you are not alone!

create your signature look


the ultimate VIP program that teaches you how to use your appearance to showcase your intelligence, personality, and ambition

VIP image consulting for high performers 

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pretty good!

now i feeL

I used to feel

about my makeup & Style.  

Real Life Fill-in-the-Blanks
from recent graduates

Gain the extra professional edge without looking like you spent too much time and energy on your appearance.

the right stuff

nobody needs more stuff. You want & Need less stuff but the right stuff.

The Stuff that's perfect for you.

You don't want what the marketers, celebrities and influencers are bombarding you with on social media. You want practical, sensible advice that takes into account your:
- goals
- needs
- special circumstances
- personality
- past
- preferences, likes and dislikes
- body type
- face shape
- skin type

...and so much more!

Knowing how to use your appearance to show up confidently is something you can learn!

you value your time and money, right?

What the beauty and fashion industry won't tell you is that...

If you’ve been dressing yourself and wearing makeup for any length of time, you know there’s a clear marketing strategy in place.

Beautiful, airbrushed, super-thin models entice you to buy fast-fashion and "revolutionary" new makeup products. Companies in the fashion and cosmetics space deliver new collections and product launches at breakneck speeds so you feel pressured to keep spending.

However, we’re getting hip to that game, because that’s what it is.
A game.

You have a budget for nice clothing and quality makeup, but you hate shopping and fighting the crowds in your limited spare time.

You also don't know where to shop. You find yourself buying things on an emergency basis, and you've so tired of wearing that black sweater and same lipstick color. You want to know how to dress at work and outside of work, without having two separate wardrobes. 

Get ready to stop second-guessing your style and makeup—and say hello to confidently putting your best image forward!

Save Me A SPot!

confidence in your image is possible.

doors open in Spring 2022 to invites First. 



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