You’re confident about your worth as a person and a professional

There's just one challenge; your "look" no longer represents who you are and where you want to go

In this digital age, there's no denying the importance of your image.

→ Do you shy away from the camera because you don’t like how you look on-screen?
→ Are you tired of the fast fashion and beauty industries setting an unrealistic standard for how you should look?

do you wish you felt as confident on the outside as you do on the inside?

you are not alone!

There's just one challenge; your "look" no longer represents who you are and where you want to go

create your signature look


the ultimate VIP program that teaches you how to use your appearance to showcase your intelligence, personality, and ambition

VIP image consulting for high achievers 

this is for you

Create Your Signature Look was born to serve amazing, confident, successful individuals like yourself. It’s not realistic to have a makeup artist and personal stylist by your side for every important meeting, speaking engagement, video, and impromptu happy hour, online or offline.

You need a signature look that you can slip into at a moment’s notice. Create Your Signature Look will give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to put your best face and foot forward… pun intended!

Say no more, I’m in!

An award-winning makeup artist & educator, author of "Be Your Own Makeup Artist" and host of the podcast under the same name. Natalie is all about offering real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education. 

natalie setareh

makeup artist & educator

Tammy is an Amsterdam-based image consultant who offers wardrobe styling and personal shopping for ambitious professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best. 

image consultant

tammy parrish

Meet your style & beauty experts


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Starting October 2021


This program is 100% virtual

who's invited?

You know you're in the right spot if:

You're confident about your worth.

You're confident about your career.

You're confident about your expertise

To ensure you receive plenty of face-to-face time with the experts, we’re limiting this first edition to eight participants.

what you'll learn

What the fashion and beauty industries won’t tell you

You deserve to love yourself and the way you look!

Once you become empowered through your image, you take away the stronghold of fashion and beauty marketing. As an empowered and liberated consumer, you'll not only save so much time knowing how to shop specifically for your needs and goals, you will also save and prevent unnecessary stress.

Think about the clothing and makeup you've purchased over your lifetime, that sat on the shelf with tags still on. Or makeup that you intended to use but didn't know how. Not only is this a massive amount of money wasted, the environmental impact is also devastating.

After creating your signature look, you'll feel confident, not guilty, about your beauty and style purchases. You will know exactly how to combine and maximize new items into your capsule makeup bag and wardrobe.

Enough said, I’m in!

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, We’ve got answers!

the right stuff

nobody needs more stuff. You want & Need less stuff but the right stuff.

The Stuff that's perfect for you.

You don't want what the marketers, celebrities and influencers are bombarding you with on social media. You want practical, sensible advice that takes into account your:
- goals
- needs
- special circumstances
- personality
- past
- preferences, likes and dislikes
- body type
- face shape
- skin type

...and so much more!

what to expect

structured, virtual learning

From the comfort of your own home

This program is available to anyone in the world who has an Internet connection and a mobile phone or computer with camera. 

your own private portal 

Your private online portal & closet

This is not your typical “hands off and anonymous” online course, this is a VIP program with weekly assignments, 1-on-1 coaching and office hours to tease out your signature look and practice it until it becomes second nature.

personalized recommendations

Liberated & Educated Consumer

You'll also receive personalized shopping lists for your capsule makeup bag and capsule wardrobe, to lay a strong foundation.

what's included

video instruction

All of your private lesson files, will be stored in your online portal, to refer to even after the program ends.

weekly emails

Each week you'll have new assignments to complete, including tasks completely tailored to you. 

office hours

Exclusive and dedicated office hours with direct access to Natalie & Tammy throughout the 12 weeks.

personalized shopping lists

You'll receive both a capsule makeup bag and capsule wardrobe shopping list, as well as a personal style guide & online closet.

Extensive intake session

Our intake & orientation weeks give us the opportunity to review your past, present and where you want to go in the future. 

curated schedule

Over 8 hours of personalized, face-to-face makeup and style instruction. This is the core of the program.

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don't take it from us. here's what past clients & peers have to say about working with us!

Create Your Signature Look has really impacted my confidence. I used to feel a disconnect between how I felt inside and how I was showing up in the world. Now that I know how to dress and put on makeup for different occasions to look and feel my best, I finally feel that people see my true, beautiful self. This has also made me more confident and successful in my business.

Lara M.

LOVED working with you, Natalie, and the changes were immediate. Even on things like Instagram Stories, not to mention my Youtube videos, I suddenly started getting compliments from friends (and people I didn’t even know) about my skin, makeup, lipstick choice, etc. The best part was the your approach is 100% ‘less is more’ and it takes me SEVEN MINUTES to do my full makeup ‘thing’ when getting ready for an event on to film. So - major time saver, major confidence boost, AND my videos, photos and me in general look + feel more polished and professional.

Maggie G.

My professional photos I just had were a complete success because of YOU. I chose my colors in clothing and makeup based on your color assessment for me. And I keep getting compliments. I really never felt so beautiful.

Ginny W.

confidence in your image is possible.

limited space available. doors open again in October. Sign up To Receive early access & updates.


14 day money-back guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Period.

We pour our hearts and souls into this signature program. We’re committed to making these 12 weeks a transformative and profoundly positive experience for you. If for any reason you start the program and feel it doesn’t meet your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund within the first two weeks, no questions asked. Once the one-on-one coaching sessions start, refunds are no longer possible.


Create Your Signature Look is for ambitious, high-achieving professionals who know the value and power of their image. This program is for serious individuals who understand the influence that dressing for success and has on the moments that matter in life and career. You don’t want to waste time and money trying to figure out how to do this on your own. You want professionals to guide you and develop your own personal color palettes for clothing and makeup. You want professionals to recommend products and clothing that work for you, your career, your budget, and your lifestyle. You want to walk away with your own signature look and iconic style.


We know you are busy and have a demanding life. The last thing we want to create for you is more overwhelm. We’ve curated this program specifically with your life outside the program in mind. The time commitment we’ve calculated is equivalent to one day per month for the duration of the program, so about two hours a week. Of course, this is your program. The more you practice and fine tune your signature look, the better you’ll retain the information. We recommend you spend more frequent and shorter periods of time learning and practicing throughout the program versus ‘cramming’ a lot of information into fewer and longer sessions.


We believe in doing more with less. We’ll build off of what you have and love, and use that as a springboard for the future. Sustainability and meaningful consumption are top of mind in all that we do. Don’t have a wardrobe bag or closet full of clothes that speak to you now and in the future? Rest easy. You’ll receive both a personalized capsule makeup bag and a capsule wardrobe shopping list based on your budget, which we’ll discuss during
the intake session.


We are sure you will love the transformation you will experience after completing this program. We offer a full refund within the first two weeks, if for any reason you start the program and aren’t satisfied. 

Still not sure?

Let’s hop on a call.


We launch this program twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, sign up to receive an email next time we launch! 

06. What about hair?

We can’t cut your hair, and neither can you. We DO have ideas about the hairstyle and hair color that best suit you. We include suggestions in the program, for you to share with your hair stylist.


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