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Stay At Home Style: Doing More With Less

Stay at Home Style Guide Winter 2020_2021

Stay At Home Style Guide: Doing More With Less

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A Quick Note from Natalie and Tammy

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As the pandemic wages on, we’ve had plenty of time to consider what’s truly important. The bottom line is, we don’t need that much stuff to be happy — that includes new clothing and make-up. Happiness comes in the form of experiences shared with loved ones. It comes in the form of doing work you find deeply satisfying because it matches your values and serves your highest purpose. Happiness is being able to communicate your thoughts and desires. We do that with words, we do it through our actions, and we also do it visually. When how we look reflects who we truly are, we not only meet our aesthetic needs (see Maslow’s Hierarchy), we communicate more clearly, and on a universally understood level, with others.

Shop your closet, save your money, and up level your wardrobe and makeup game with these trends this winter!
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[Tammy] – Removable Collars

[Natalie] – Skincare is Selfcare

[Tammy] – Tightening Our Belts

[Natalie] – Warm Blushes

[Tammy] – Sweater Dressing

[Natalie] – Nude, Brown Lips

Memorable Quotes from the Episode:

Warm or Cool Colors Quote
“It’s important to figure out if you look better in cool or warm colors. What matters is what’s next to your face.” 
Belts Quote
“A large belt on a small person will overwhelm. And if you are a large person and you wear a tiny belt, it looks a little bit comical.”
Creative Ways
“Think of creative ways of extending the life of clothing and accessories you already have.”

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