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6 Style & Makeup Tips To Create Your Signature Look

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style and makeup tips for your signature look

In celebration of launching my official Create Your Signature Look program, I thought it would be fun to share six of my and Tammy’s favorite style and makeup tips so that you can work towards Creating Your Signature look on your own.

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Tip #1 Know Your Skin Type

The most important part of wearing making is knowing and understanding how to care for your specific skin type, concerns specific to your skin, and of course what formulations of makeup work best for your skin. Buying makeup products based on the marketed “effects” may get you into serious trouble when it comes to your makeup applying well and staying on.

If you don’t know your skin type, take my Skin Type Quiz here to get a handout on your specific skin type and what formulations of products to look out for.

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Tip #2 Know How Colors Bounce Off Your Face


Pantone Color Wheel


When it comes to the colors that you wear on and near your face, choose ones that complement your skin’s undertone. If you have a warm undertone (your skin becomes browner when you spend time in the sun), choose warm colors (more reds, oranges, yellows).

If you have a cool undertones (your skin turns red when you go in the sun), choose cooler colors (more blues, purples, pinks).


Tip #3 Study The Colors That Live In Your Eye to Determine Your Eye Makeup



You can learn a lot about from studying the colors that live in your eyes. Before you go out and buy another eyeshadow palette, I highly suggest you check out these two resources:

Episode 23: Color Theory and Makeup with Terri Tomlinson

Emmy Award Winning Stylist David Zyla “Feel Good Beauty” Episode 8 


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Tip #4 Use Contrast In Your Outfits



Make sure you have enough contrast between dark and light in your face and outfit so you stand out. 


However, if you have all-dark or all-light features, dressing head-to-toe in tones that create high-contrast might draw unwanted attention. If in doubt, make a black and white picture of yourself and see if there’s enough contrast, without going overboard.


Tip #5 No Makeup Makeup is Still Makeup


This is an example I like to show of “no makeup makeup”. You can see the skin tone is more even with some tinted moisturizer and blush. Her eyes appear larger and bluer. The brow tint gives her face more structure and some chapstick makes her teeth appear whiter.


Natalie Setareh Make Up Artist Before and After Natural No Makeup Makeup


Tip #6 Pick Your One Thing




The best advice when it comes to finding YOUR signature look is to pick just one thing. Keep it simple. Do you like big necklaces? V-shaped necklines? Quirky shoes? Bold lipstick? A distinctive eyebrow?



Pick one thing and make that your signature. The rest can be simple. 



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