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Showing Up Authentically in Your Beauty Business

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to show up authentically in your beauty business. Kim shares her strategies of when, why, and how coaching can impact your business faster than doing it yourself as well as know when, why, and how makeup artists can retail products in a way that doesn’t label them as a “sell out”. Lastly, Kim discusses how to create consistent, compelling content that allows you to authentically connect with potentials and ideals clients on Instagram.

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About Kim

As a makeup artist and esthetician since 2014, Kim trial and errored her way through social media marketing. From 2018 to 2019 she increased her sales by 200% using Instagram to both find new clients and serve as a portfolio for referral clients. Now, Kim teaches beauty entrepreneurs how to use Instagram to sell their services and products.

Kim was recognized as one of Honeybook’s 2018 On the Rise Winner and on “Best of San Jose’s” makeup artists in 2019. Her work has been featured on: Stitch & Tie, Strictly Wedding, Bespoke Bride, Wandering Weddings, and many more!

Questions covered in this episode


I’m a Tuesdays Together leader here and we start every meeting with sharing our elevator pitch.

What is your elevator pitch? [04:01]


I’m not a huge watcher of IG Stories but from both the perspective of a business owner AND an IG consumer — your IG story game is strong. And we will get more into that later in the show — but I’ve been dying to know 

How do you get little rainbows everywhere in your living room? [06:46]

If you already follow Kim on Instagram, you know what I mean. If not, you gotta check her stories regularly to see what I mean. 


Now, as a “just” makeup artist, I never feel fully comfortable doing certain things or offering certain bits of skincare advice because I’m not an esthetician.

What are the pros of being an esthetician and a makeup artist at the same time, and how did you marry the two? [08:58]


I remember when gushing to you about your IG game, probably a year or two ago now, you mentioned that you had invested in a coach. This comes at a huge cost for so many — and it’s scary to know “if” the coaching is going to work.

 How has coaching helped you in your personal and business life, and how did you get past the initial “ouch” factor? [14:04]


Let’s talk about retail. I get asked all the time what I sell or am selling or why I’m not selling anything. Now, retail isn’t for everyone — but

when did you decide that retailing was the right way to go, and how has that changed your business? [18:42]


Instagram Stories; your stories are so incredibly consistent, on-brand, authentic. 

How have your Instagram stories helped your brand grow, and how have they helped you build relationships? [23:51]

I’m not a huge watcher of IG Stories but from both the perspective of a business owner AND an IG consumer — your IG story game is strong.

#7 What is your favorite makeup or skincare hack? [32:02]

 (The answer is double cleansing — and she describes exactly how she double cleanses with ease in the episode!)
Kim Baker Beauty

Memorable quote from the episode

Be Your Own Makeup Artist Podcast Quote by Kim Baker Beauty - Makeup Is A Tool, Not a Mask

“Makeup should be fun. It should be a tool and not a mask to hide behind.”

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