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Inside The Brand: Rodan + Fields

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Inside The Brand: Rodan + Fields

As a professional makeup artist, I’m always trying to keep up with new product launches and brands, but as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s difficult. That’s why when I saw a few of my friends were selling Rodan + Fields, friends who KNOW their beauty stuff, I was intrigued. I’m sure if you haven’t seen Rodan + Fields pop up in your social media feeds, you’ll take notice now.

I was first introduced to R+F by a dear friend and crazy talented hair stylist Emily. While visiting her in DC during Augusta’s manic Master’s Week, she had a small party introducing her close friends to the skincare line. I was super preggo at the time and flying out that same afternoon, so needless to say, I wasn’t able to really get my paws on the product. I did have my eye on the roller from the Redefine line. BTW — it feels AMAZING. Digressing. If you’ve followed me any length of time, you know I try out products, especially skincare ones, for a bit of time before writing a review.

Then a friend of mine from California, Jesse, started selling Rodan + Fields. And then, at one of my Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together meetings, I met Sarah, another R+F consultant. I felt it was safe to ask for a guest post to gush all about the brand. Although I do not currently use R+F products, I do believe that I should share the knowledge and perhaps open a door up to someone else (man or woman) struggling with skincare issues {and insecurities}.

What I Know About Rodan + Fields

Now, there are a few things I know about R+F. The first thing I know is that R+F was also founded by the same founders of Proactiv. That these {female} founders are booked-year-round-can’t-get-an-appointment dermatologists based in CA. I also know that R+F used to be sold retail in stores like Nordstrom but switched to a direct sales model. But that’s about it. I also struggled with acne in my high school days. It reemerged in my second pregnancy, which I vlogged about here.

The people I know who use and swear by R+F products gave me enough confidence to share an inside look at the brand. Sarah also wrote an amazing post about their highly popular Lash boost, which I decided to keep in a separate post. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for updates on new content.

So friends, meet Sarah, a Georgia-based R+F consultant:


Rodan + Fields Logo

Hello! I’m Sarah

By way of background, I am a sociologist working in the market research industry. I have no professional training in aesthetics or dermatology! However, I have had a skincare business for just over four years alongside my research career. It may seem like an odd fit, but I’ve been a skincare junkie since my middle school days. While 8th grade was good for my looks in the sense that I traded in my glasses for contacts, it was also the beginning of my life-long battle with acne.

Just over four years ago, a friend shared with me that the Proactiv doctors had a new company. Instead of paying celebs to endorse their products on infomercials, they were allowing real people who loved their products get paid to share them. After being let down by everything else I had tried, from expensive spa lines to prescriptions from a dermatologist to the “safe-enough-to-eat” remedies I found on Pinterest, I was deep down a little skeptical that this would finally be a solution. But photos don’t lie!

Check out my results in my first 8 weeks:

Before and After Shots

Not all of my post-acne hyperpigmentation was gone (that took a bit longer!), but my breakouts were managed the best the had been in years!  I am so glad that I was willing to give the regimen a shot, because I don’t look like someone with acne anymore. Acne isn’t curable, but it can be effectively managed with ongoing daily treatment. I still use Unblemish daily to keep it under control. As someone with a bin full of products that over-promised and under-delivered, I am proud to represent products that come with a 60 day, empty bottle money back guarantee. If you’re not seeing the progress you were looking for, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund.

My friend introduced me to the company around the time that social media was on the rise. Brick and mortar stores were starting to lose business to online shopping. I love being the one to pass on a great find to friends and family, so I jumped right into the business! If I was going to gush about how thrilled I was with my own results, why not get paid for it?

Rodan + Fields Doctors

So Who Exactly Is Rodan + Fields?

Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are known worldwide as the creators of Proactiv. However, they are quickly becoming a well known in the US and Canada for their newer company, Rodan + Fields. Both are still practicing dermatologists in the Bay Area. They realize that while many of us are seeking skincare that actually works, not everyone has access to a dermatologist. Their aim is to make innovative dermatology-based skincare products backed by clinically proven results accessible to all. The products are all based around the philosophy of Multi-Med Therapy: using the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order can transform your skin.

What Exactly Is Rodan + Fields?

Rodan + Fields Product Line

Regimen based skincare. The company has five main regimes developed to address the most common skincare concerns. The Doctors encourage addressing your skin concerns in a specific order, as they apply to you. Sensitivity first, always! Then acne, dullness and/or dark marks, and lastly aging (lines, wrinkles, large pores). I encourage my customers to re-evaluate where they are with their skin and the climate. For example, even if you want to tackle sun damage, I discourage my customers from starting Reverse regimen in the peak of summer if they’re outside all the time! Better to wait until fall, when you are getting less sun from your everyday routine.

Their Skincare Regimens: (Reverse is now in two formulas)


The Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment (Step 2) is one of my favorite products. It is a great way to calm and reduce redness or add non-irritating moisture in acne prone skin. I even dab a little on bug bites!

If you have any kind of sensitivity in general or had a reaction to products you’ve tried in the past, you’ll want to start with Soothe. This regimen is great for those with dry, chapped, sensitive, and or redness prone skin.

This regimen is gentle enough to use on your little ones and can be used by men too!

My brother wanted to look picture perfect in his wedding photos, but splitting time between Alaska and the Middle East for his job had his skin in an uproar. Even a 6’3” weight lifting buff can have sensitive skin, and he noticed a difference in his first week on the regimen. After a few months on Soothe, he transitioned to Unblemish, and by wedding time he was feeling great about his skin!

Rodan + Fields Soothe


This is my personal holy grail regimen! I went from being someone who never left the house without a full coverage foundation to someone who regularly goes out au naturale. It doesn’t matter if acne popped up way back in your teen years and never left, or made it’s appearance in your 30’s or 40’s. If you haven’t found something that keeps breakouts in check, you should give this a try!

Rodan + Fields Unblemish


This regime is for those of you with visible sun damage or stubborn dark marks. My friend Alison is fair skinned, and enjoys a range of outdoor activities. She’s spent tons of money on professional treatments and lasers in an effort to get rid of her visible sun damage but Reverse worked best for her!

Rodan + Fields Reverse


This regime addresses or prevents the overall visible signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and textures. When my mom first started with Redefine, she couldn’t stop touching her face. It was so soft!

Rodan + Fields Redefine


In Closing.

Our full product line is too much to cover in one post, but one of my favorite things about the line is that you don’t have to figure out on your own how to address your skin concerns. They’ve done the research and have tools in place to get you on the way to the best skin of your life. Again, start with the quick quiz to find out what the Doctor’s recommend for you! First 10 responders get a free gift! Take the quiz here!

If you’re ready to learn more about the brand and which regimes or products would work best for me, I’m here to help!

Cheers to great skin!


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