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How To Clean and Sanitize Your Makeup Collection

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Want to learn about the sanitation practices in the makeup world today? In this episode we dive deep into the general sanitation guidelines as well as the special ones prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a privilege to talk over the topic with Katrin Levi, my fellow makeup artist and a certified sanitation specialist.

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Episode Summary

If you have to work as a makeup artist, or if you need your makeup done, make sure you’ve done all the research. The artists should not charge more now because all the sanitation should be already built in their prices. LED lights are a great added bonus, but not a must. The resources for getting educated about makeup sanitation are: Sanitation Conversation, Glossible and During this time, a client should hire an artist who truly makes them their priority.

About Katrin

Katrin Levi Guest on BYOMUA Podcast

Katrin Levi is an Israeli makeup artist for special event and bridal makeup. She brings luxury skin prep, airbrush and feature enhancing makeup with a touch of red carpet glamour to her client’s doorstep. Katrin & I met through one of Sonia Roselli’s courses and bonded because of connection to Germany (she’s German and I’m obviously an American living in Germany) & love for the field of makeup artistry. 

Katrin is a certified sanitation specialist by Sanitation Conversation, a program which is geared specifically towards makeup artists. She’s also licensed by Biologix Solutions in “Infection Control and Standard Precautions,” which is mandatory for professional health care workers in the US. In addition to her sanitation credentials, she’s an amazing airbrush artist!! She studied Airbrush at Temptu Israel under the instruction of Asher Cohen.

If you would like to reach out to Katrin, book her services, or keep the conversation going, you can do it via her website, her Facebook or Instagram page.

#1 – Is it safe to get your makeup done?

The client should listen to their inner voice when deciding about taking a service, whereas the makeup artist should follow the standard sanitation protocol and adhere to the covid-19 requirements for the specific location as well.

#2 – Should makeup artists charge more because of sanitation protocols?

Some artists might need to add additional brush sets, but all the disposables, alcohol and disinfectants are the things we use anyway, and this should be a part of the total price. So I wouldn’t charge more than usual.

#3 – Opinion on LED lights as a way to sanitize makeup

UVC lights cannot sterilize, but they definitely cut down the number of surface pathogens. Alcohol, for example, only disables bacteria, whereas UVC destroys the RNA strings. This non-chemical way of disinfection can be included in the sanitation routine but it’s not a must, nor the ultimate weapon against covid-19.

#4 – What are some of the best resources for getting educated about makeup sanitation?

  1. Sanitation Conversation
  2. Natalie Setareh’s Sanitation Guide

#5 – What should a client keep in mind when hiring a makeup artist?

Hire an artist who truly makes you their priority. Health Before Artistry. Pay attention that a sanitary artist generally creates a barrier between you and the kit. No double dipping into cream products. Makeup can’t be disinfected and a clean artist knows how to handle tools and products accordingly.


Katrin’s Favorite Beauty Hack

Blot your classic lipstick with a tissue. You’ll remove excess oils that disrupt the lipstick quickly, leaving the concentrated color pigments on the lip which will set like a gentle stain. If you don’t want to wear the lipstick as a stain, reapply another layer and repeat the blotting process until you reach the coverage you desire.

How To Sanitize Your Makeup Checklist, Free!

Makeup Kit Sanitation Checklist


I created a makeup kit sanitation checklist! Check it out here.

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