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Steps To Success & Honing Makeup Skills With Technology with Melissa Street

Hey everyone!
This is part II of my interview with the one and only, Melissa Street. Feel free to listen | read part I, the business of makeup and mentorship here.
Just a friendly reminder and in case you didn’t know, Melissa is an 8 time Emmy Award winning makeup artist for television and film – specializing in 4K, 6K and 8K Digital filming. She owns her company – Epic Makeup, and is a veteran in the industry with over 30 years experience. Melissa has worked on shows like 20/20, Larry King Live, Guidance, Playbook 360, and Nancy Grace as well as films like the upcoming Top Gun and Super Athlete, just to name a few.
Again, in part I, we discussed the business of makeup and the importance of finding a makeup mentor in in part I and in part II, I ask how Melissa how to progress in the industry as a makeup artist [2:04], how she continues to hone her makeup skills with the rapidly changing technology in film [11:40], and just for fun, I ask her to share her favorite makeup kit hack [ 29:37].

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#1 A Step At A Time, Paying Your Dues [02:04] 



Steps to Success as a Makeup Artist


There was a quote in an interview you shared with Makeup Department Mastery that says,


‘The best advice I can give to artists who are just entering the industry is not to skip steps along your career path. It’s important to experience and become good at every level of makeup artistry.’ Melissa Street


I see so many artists struggling with where they are at vs. where they want to be. I asked Melissa to elaborate on some of the critical steps she took in her business and also identify steps she sees a lot of artists skip.



Career quote - Be Your Own Makeup Artist Podcast


“Career is something that you build. You can’t fast-track through the career process.” Melissa Street


#2 Makeup And Changing Technology [11:40]



camera film


Melissa started doing makeup in the 1990s, almost a decade before high-definition (HD) was even a thing. Now in 2021, Melissa and her team are working in 4K, 6K, and 8K definition. These are mediums many of us don’t even have access to yet as consumers of visual content.


I asked Melissa if she knew which of these technological advancements has been the most exciting or challenging for her to learn and also, how has the cosmetic and makeup industry changed as a result and where she thinks it’s heading?


#3 Melissa’s Favorite Makeup Kit Hack [29:37]



Melissa Street Makeup Setup


Originally, I wanted to interview Melissa on your amazing kit organization and set ups. Her hashtag #epicmakeup has almost become synonymous with the industry standard in building, growing, maintaining, and how-to set up and label your professional makeup kit. Normally I ask my guests to share one of their favorite makeup hacks — but instead of that, I’d asked Melissa to share one of her favorite makeup kit hacks. 


You’ll have to wait around until the end of the episode to hear her favorite hack!

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