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Are Karity Cosmetics’ Lippies Really Pizza Proof?

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Are Karity Cosmetics’ Lippies Really Pizza Proof?

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This is a guest post by my friend, Alexanna. She has been kind enough to pop on my blog pretty routinely over the years with her unbiased thoughts on all things makeup! I always appreciate her insight and her honest feedback on products she’s tried because let’s face it – I can’t try everything! I hope you enjoy this post!

The 411 on Karity Cosmetics

Kariity Cosmetics Fade Out (T) and Lucky (B)I initially discovered Karity Cosmetics through my good friend Melanie. Melanie is getting married next year and one night, she asked me if I knew of any good, long-wearing, budge proof, smudge proof, lipsticks that I could recommend for her wedding day. To be honest, though I am a bit of a makeup addict, lippies haven’t really been my thing until recently.  I own many lip glosses, a few bullet lipsticks (Bite Beauty, Loreal, Maybelline) and maybe 2-3 liquid lipsticks (Stila, Lipsense, Milani). My experience with lipsticks is limited, so I don’t feel confident recommending a product that will be long-wearing… especially for an event as important as a wedding!

Melanie mentioned seeing an Karity Cosmetics ad on Snapchat that claims “these $6 lippies are pizza proof!” so she asked if I had heard of  the brand. I had not. We explored Karity’s website that night and searched online reviews on their liquid lipsticks (ALL good reviews, I might add). This particular product is the brand’s only lip product. It comes in 16 gorgeous shades and will run you a hefty $6 (that’s cheaper than most drugstore lip products). There are a few ‘bundles’ that you can buy from the site, but I opted for 3 individual shades: Tamar (mid-tone rosy pink), Fade Out (deep dusty rose), and Lucky (mid-tone raspberry pink) and Melanie bought 2 individual shades: Fade Out and Rockstar (magenta red).

Karity Cosmetics Lip Swatch

Karity offers an initial 10% off your purchase if you sign up for their text notifications so we definitely took advantage of that with our first purchase. Shipping took no time at all, which is always a huge bonus!

My Real Thoughts on Karity Cosmetics’ Lippies

My Karity Cosmetic Swatches

Lucky (L) and Fade Out (R) in different lighting situations

I’ve spent 2-3 months with these liquid lipsticks, and I can say with 100% certainty that they are one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever tried. The formula is very thin, weightless on the lips, pigmented, and it dries down very quickly.  They are VERY long-wearing on the lips.

Of the shades I bought, Fade Out is the one I use most, mainly because it is the most wearable “everyday” shade. Lucky, however, is a vibrant berry that I will definitely wear during the Autumn months. Actually, this past weekend, I wore Lucky ALL DAY. I applied it at 8:15AM and it wore until 8:PM (very light fading until much later in the evening).  It lasted through eating and drinking. Though I didn’t eat pizza, it lasted through breakfast and a BBQ in the afternoon.


Even More Reasons to Love Karity

Fade Out and Lucky

Fade Out (L) and Lucky (R)

Karity’s message is simple. Their mission is to “give you the highest-quality cosmetics and makeup tools at a price that real-life beauty junkies could afford.” Am I a beauty lover? Yes. Do I like to awesome products at a great price? Yes!

Another thing I love is that they donate to great causes. With every palette (eye or face) purchased, they donate a meal to an animal in need. Yay for our furry friends! Beyond this, they donate to the ACLU, they’ve helped with Pulse relief, and they switch it up so they can help many different causes. 

Not only are their lip products affordable, but their entire line is as well. Single eyeshadows are $4, eyeshadow palettes range from $19-$29, face palettes are $14-$25, brow products are $12 and their brushes range from $3-$20 (singles) and $12-$30 (sets).  Though I’ve only used the lippies, I do plan on purchasing a few items (in 2019-after my 2018 no-buy; I have derailed a few, tiny times, but more on that in a future post) in the future.

As I mentioned before, you get 10% off your first purchase if you sign up for text notifications. Karity ALWAYS runs text sales and email sales (maybe 2-3 per week) so you’ll inevitably nab some great deals from this brand.

If you’re in the market for a new lip product, I would highly recommend Karity!!



* All shade descriptions and some blog images are courtesy of the Karity website.

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