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Drunk Elephant C-Firma and B-Hydra Review

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Guest Post by Alexanna R.

It’s been a hot minute since my last post (In case you forgot, it was the Inside the Brand: Colourpop one, which you can find here), but I’m back with a short and sweet review on two really popular Drunk Elephant skincare items.

In the last few years I’ve been more into skincare than ever before. Maybe it’s because I’m in my early 30’s and small signs of aging are showing up on my face, maybe not 😉 Maybe it’s because I have my student loan and car paid off and I have more money to burn and spending it on skincare sounds good to me… who knows!

Not too long ago, my friend Kayla mentioned to me how much she adores the Drunk Elephant skincare line. I’d never heard this brand until she mentioned it, nor had I ever seen it in store. However, this last fall, when Sephora was doing its 20% off sale, I decided to dip my toes into Drunk Elephant water by purchasing the C-Firma Day Serum (firm+brighten), which is a Vitamin C enriched serum that helps brighten the complexion.  As someone with age spots and dark spots on my face (mainly caused by sun exposure and birth control), I try and use a vitamin C serum on the daily. In the past I’ve used the Colleen Rothschild Vitamin C serum which I really enjoyed, so I was excited to try this product.

Drunk Elephants’ C-Firma Day Serum (firm + brighten) Review

Is It Worth The Price?

Let me first start by saying that the Drunk Elephant skincare line is not cheap, but what good skincare line is? This product runs about $80 for 1oz, eek! So ladies and gents, if you ever want to try an expensive product, wait until Sephora does their friends and family sale and it won’t hurt the wallet so much (or wait until Black Friday or any sale where you can utilize advertised savings). But remember, skincare is truly an investment without regret. I’m more than willing to spend money on great skincare, because it allows all the other products I put on my face (foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.) to look nicer and go on more evenly and beautifully. I’m not afraid of aging but if I can use products that care for my skin while I’m doing it, sign me up!

How’s The Packaging?

Bright, colorful, adorable, sleek and slim. And the tiny elephant as it’s logo? Um, yes please! The pump is awesome and dispenses the product perfectly!

What I love about the C-Firma

What I love about this serum (a serum by name is lightweight and fast-absorbent) is that it’s thin and absorbs into the skin quickly. The product is meant to be used in the morning, after cleansing the face, but I’ve been using it at night, after cleansing and toning. I love Mario Badescu’s toner/moisturizer here. After using this for more than a month, I can truly say that it’s changed the texture of my skin. To me, my skin has never felt smoother.  After cleansing, I take one pump into my hands, and smear it all over my face until it absorbs. That’s it, easy-peazy.

The C-Firma serum in all honesty is my gateway drug into the next product (and many more Drunk Elephant products I’m sure).

Drunk Elephants’ B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel Review

Sometime around Thanksgiving, Sephora emailed out it’s $15 off $50 coupon, and since I can’t let a coupon go to waste (why spend $0 when you can spend $35!?) I bought C-Firma Day Serum’s best friend, the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel (Quench+Moisture+Illuminate). I believe this product retails for $50ish for 1.69oz. Drunk Elephant advises in its instructions for C-Firma to mix it in with a bit of B-Hydra for extra, rich hydration… so that’s the main reason why I bought it.

I have to say, although this does feel cooling and hydrating on the skin, it doesn’t offer THAT much extra moisture.  Now granted, it’s wintertime and my skin is drier than normal, so maybe that has something to do with it. But I find that alone, the B-Hydra Gel isn’t enough moisture for me, so I do add a little bit of my Ponds cream to my skin if I feel that I need it. This being said, I do really enjoy the gel consistency and texture because like the serum, it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin.

Would I Buy Again?

Both of these items would have cost me over $200 if I didn’t purchase them with discounts. Would I have paid full price for them? I don’t really know. But I’m very happy that I bought them on discount because I really have enjoyed them. And as someone that gets Sephora giftcards for bday and xmas gifts… I can definitely see myself repurchasing these, and other Drunk Elephant products, in the very near future.

Value Set, What?

Over the holidays, Sephora did have a Drunk Elephant value set that I think was $95 which allowed you to try 5-6 of their products (some full size, most deluxe sample size). In my mind, not a very bad deal at all (I do think that value sets are the way to go though if you can’t commit to one product).

I’m not sure what my next Drunk Elephant purchase will be, but you can be sure you’ll hear about it here when I’m ready to review.  Have you tried any of these products? Love them? Hate them? Let me know in the comments below! If there’s something great out there at a better or comparable price point, I’d love to know!

If you don’t know your skin type and if these products would work for you, take my skin type quiz here. Remember, great makeup starts with great skin.

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