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PowerSheets Review: Do They Really Work?

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Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets Review

Rarely does something impact my life the way Cultivate What Matters’ PowerSheets has and ::spoiler alert:: I am totally in love. I am not getting paid to say that, trust me. In this post, I want to share a little bit more about how PowerSheets helped me, how the whole thing works, and why this product (and process) meant so much for me, especially this year.

Oh, and also, before I get into it, I recorded an audio version of this post, which you can listen to on all the major podcast listening platforms, to include Spotify! The podcast gets WAY deeper (and you’ll hear me turning the pages from my 2019 planner) and well, I know some people prefer to listen over read, so if that’s you, click the widget below to get your listen on.

Let me start out by saying that I am a natural skeptic, especially about things that sound too good to be true. And y’all, this really did sound too good to be true. I saw it all over Instagram; “just write down your goals with these PowerSheets and you’ll knock them out of the park.” C’mon. You could say I was skeptical. 

I have always been a very hard worker, and I would say (humble brag) that I work really smart. I have vision, I have goals, I’ve written them down in the past. But buying the 2019 PowerSheets was something I did out of desperation, not logic. 

As you might recall…

2018 was a really rough year for me. I felt really taken advantage of, I lost a friend, people were stepping on top of me to get ahead, nobody felt grateful for the free work I did, and I made some mistakes and bad investments. None of these things are catastrophic; I really believe that you have to make these kinds of mistakes in order to grow. 

That being said, at the start of 2019 I was feeling like I was on my last leg. I thought, “well, what do I have to lose besides the money?” Guys, these things are not exactly cheap. I definitely could have used that money to restock my kit and get other things I needed for my biz, but I bit the bullet and bought the PowerSheets, hoping that this “goal planner” was the thing I needed to get back on track. I knew I had big dreams and big ideas, so I felt like I should probably get something like PowerSheets to write them all down.

What is a Goal Planner?

Basically, it starts off with a 20-page section about getting to know and love yourself. At first, I thought it was cheesy and corny. You have to write about your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and all that kind of stuff. As you writ everything down, you’re constantly referring back to the pages you already wrote, circling things, putting stickers on things. It’s crazy… nothing I wrote down was about my business. It was all about my health, my family, how I want people to remember me down the road. I was still feeling skeptical, but I knew I just had to trust the process. 

As you go on, you start to notice threads about your personal and your professional self. Once you finally get to the goal section, you have SO much clarity about who you are and what you want. It is actually such an enlightening process!

This is all based in science and research, but they’ve created it in such a way that doesn’t feel like a personality test or quiz. You don’t get any “results” so to speak, you’re just looking inward and discovering this important information about yourself. 

Step 1: Cultivate What Matters

Ultimately, the goal of PowerSheets is to, as the name of the company suggests, Cultivate What Matters throughout the year. You dig in and pinpoint the things you want to start saying “no” to and discover things that you want to say “yes” to instead. You key in on what fires you up, and you choose a word of the year to really make it stick. After you’ve done that, you start turning all those things you’ve been writing about in the first 20 pages of the book into actual goals. 

Step 2: Define Your Goals and Action Plan

Studies have shown that once you write down a goal, you’re 42 percent more likely to achieve it. The PowerSheets are laid out so that you start by writing down your big goals, then you break them down into smaller “action plans” so they’re even more likely to come to fruition. 

PowerSheets GIF

Here’s something crazy, you guys. Last October, I went back to the beginning of the book and looked at my 2019 goals and realized that I ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED ALL MY GOALS! Real talk… when I wrote these down, there was a big part of me that was thinking, “there’s no way these are all going to happen.” 

One of my goals was to launch a new website. I had no clue how I was going to do that. At that time, I didn’t have a graphic designer, I didn’t have a plan, my book wasn’t even launched yet. I wrote it down because I wanted to do it, but I didn’t actually believe it was going to happen. Same with all my other big goals. PowerSheets made a freaking believer out of me!

Step 3: Monthly & Quarterly Progress 

It’s all in the tabs. You have a tab for every month of the year, and you also have a tab for every new season. Each month and each season has its own section that you need to fill out to stay on track. I didn’t even realize you had to do this at first. You use this section to check in on your goal(s) and there’s some prompts for you to outline what you’re working on and any fears or roadblocks you’re facing. 

Cultivate What Matters IG Post


The “Tending List” is my favorite thing you’ll find in the monthly tabs. Here, you can break down your daily, weekly, and monthly action items for the one major goal that you’re working on. You give yourself an encouraging word and you prioritize your whole month. Another thing I didn’t realize at first is that you can tear this sheet out! You can put it on your fridge, or some other place of prominence. 

Then, every season, they give you a separate set of prompts, for instance, “Spring Cleaning” with ideas and ways you can clean the clutter from your business and your life. 

My Final Assessment

What I think is so cool about these PowerSheets is that it isn’t just for your business and it isn’t just for your personal life. You don’t have to be a business owner to have goals. This does not care what your goals are, it does not limit you in any way. You could write down that you want to be President of the United States, and it’ll help you break down that goal using science and research-based prompts.

I would say that PowerSheets is, hands down, the best investment I made in my business last year. I did masterclasses, went on an expensive retreat, and I invested a ton into my business and myself. While I loved each of those experiences and took a lot away from them, PowerSheets is the BEST thing I did!

Cultivate What Matters IG Post

If you’ve been thinking of buying one, do it. Just do it. The price point is high, but it is so worth it. I have an eye for detail when it comes to nice things like this and I really believe this is worth it. There’s gold foil detailing, everything is high quality, and it’s clear that no corners have been cut. I recently ordered the 2020 PowerSheets and it is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to dive into them and see what big goals I can accomplish next year!

FYI, I do have an affiliate link if you want to buy the PowerSheets. Normally, I don’t do affiliate links. But, I truly do love this item (as you can tell) and I would be recommending it to you regardless of whether I got any benefit from doing so. No pressure at all, but if this is something you already know you want to purchase, you can use my link and I’ll get a small bonus when you place your order. 

Let me know if you’re a fan of PowerSheets in the comments! 

Until next time,

Natalie Setareh


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