I'm Natalie. No matter where you are on your makeup journey or hustle, I'm so glad you're here! I truly believe that makeup, when applied well, it can transform us in so many ways. My page is a space for inspiration, education, and advice. Thanks for being here & I'd love to connect with you!

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Personal Posts

Real Talk About the Beauty Industry

Real Talk About the Beauty Industry Want to know what I discovered about the beauty industry when I became a makeup artist? Everything is totally FAKE! (Sorry if this disappoints you.) When I first started my makeup artistry business, I really was fixated on having x amount of followers and likes. I aspired to have […]

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Personal Posts

My Thoughts On The C-Word

My Thoughts On The C-Word: Be The Red Lipstick There’s no ignoring the elephant in the room, the big c-word. You’ve probably already received numerous emails about how the c-word has impacted their businesses and lives — and if you’re reading this, you can probably assume how this has impacted mine too. However, that’s not […]

PowerSheets Review Blog Post

Personal Posts

Cultivate What Matters: PowerSheets – Did They Really Work?

Cultivate What Matters: PowerSheets – Did They Really Work? Rarely does something impact my life the way Cultivate What Matters’ PowerSheets has and ::spoiler alert:: I am totally in love. I am not getting paid to say that, trust me. In this post, I want to share a little bit more about how PowerSheets helped […]

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Personal Posts

My Year In Review: A Makeup Artist Life For Me

My Year In Review: A Makeup Artist Life For Me I cannot believe it’s already the end of the year! I am writing a year in review post for you guys, and I also recorded it as a podcast episode in case it’s easier for you to listen on the go. You can click the […]

3 Amazing Makeup Artists I Follow Online and Why I Love Them

Personal Posts

3 Amazing Makeup Artists To Follow Online

3 Amazing Makeup Artists I Follow Online and Why I Love Them The beauty industry is growing so quickly, and even though I’m very confident in my skills as a makeup artist, I still look to the experts sometimes for inspiration and advice. They’re the people who have their finger on the latest trends, new […]

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Personal Posts

#NoBuy 2018: Why I’m Not Buying Any Makeup This Year

#NoBuy 2018: Why I’m Not Buying Any Makeup This Year In my last guest post (here), I mention how I hope to make 2018 a “No Buy” year for unnecessary cosmetic purchases. After buying the 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag (check out my review here), I realized (not that I have’t realized it before) that I spend too […]

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Personal Posts

My Incredible Birth Story

My Incredible Birth Story Baby girl is sleeping peacefully by my side as I make her newborn appointments, get her situated with insurance, wash her first “big” load of laundry, and catch up on household bills and emails. It’s amazing how life feels like it stops but it doesn’t really. I want to take a […]


Personal Posts

6 Ways To Beach Like A Brazilian

6 Ways To Beach Like A Brazilian A lot of times, especially when the weather is cold, I find myself reminiscing on my time living and studying in Brazil. Although most of my time was spent in São Paulo (I’m a Paulistana at heart, after all), my weekends and holidays ferias were spent at various […]


Personal Posts

Makeup In The Maternity Ward?

Makeup In The Maternity Ward? 4 Essential Beauty Products In My Hospital Bag Okay, so this is totally an opinion post based on my own experience. It may be a little controversial, but I think it’s a topic worth talking about because it’s all in good fun—and it’s one of the mindless conversations I swear […]

Photo Editing Natalie Setareh

Personal Posts

The In-Visible Scars of Acne

  About a week ago, I tossed and turned all night because I felt compelled to share my journey and struggle with acne. Although I do not struggle with acne to the extent I did in my youth, my pregnancy has discolored my skin and all my old acne scars have become visible, which has […]



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