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Best Smoky Eyes of the Met Gala 2016

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Best Smoky Eyes of the Met Gala 2016


While everyone is busy looking at all the stunning gowns – I’m always checking out everyone’s makeup (and following their celebrity MUA on Instagram). I mean, I’m looking for innovative, outrageous makeup that compliments the Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology (Man X Machine) exhibit at the Met. Check out some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) makeup looks of the night.

Want a tutorial? Let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to show you how to recreate the look.

So I saw lots of neutral makeup faces — BORRRINNNGGG (and safe). But here’s some of the looks that stuck out to me!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry donned that blue mascara & lilac eye. And black lips. And bee hive hair. And a bit too much contouring. And in my opinion there was way to much going on around her face. Thank GOODNESS she didn’t do her brows because o.m.g. that would’ve been disaster. But now that you are looking closer, doesn’t it kind of secretly bother you?

Taylor Swift

She killed it with a whiter and brighter eye (perfect for her hooded and smaller eye shape) and a dark lip. No, it’s not black — it’s better. It’s like a blackberry. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Sometimes, less is more. This look is totally my jam right now.

The Kardashian Klan

Their makeup looked the same as always — which was a bit surprising for me. Here they have the chance to shape a future makeup collection and inspire a new trend — but, they didn’t : Yawn :

But Now, My FAVES!

Ok, I had to categorize my faves into the smoky category. There were lots of other looks but these smoky eyes really stood out to me and showcased how makeup can really take a “look” to the next level.

The best smoky eye, of course goes to my personal makeup inspiration since her days in Destiny’s Child … Bey. Beyonce. Yassss girl. Werk it. Now this might not be your thing up close… …but dannnggggg. Look at it standing back. (This is why we are called makeup artists — it’s about the WHOLE look). Her eyes alone took her flesh colored skin tight gown to the next level. A simple middle part hair and nude lip — perfect. Just perfect.

Could you imagine how much different she would’ve looked had she stuck with a “safe” look?

The next bomb smoky eye goes to Olivia Wilde. Why? Because it encorporated the elements of her dress – and there’s no better place than the Met Gala to experiment and go bold. I mean, look at this side-by-side with Emily Blunt…who played it safe :: borrrriinnnggg :: – big difference. It’s not necessarily a look we haven’t ever seen before but it’s one that fits her outfit perfectly — and I appreciate that.

Then, there’s Jennifer Hudson. I just love her. For so many other reasons than her makeup. She knew if she wanted that white dress to stick out, she had to work that makeup (and those gorge chandelier earrings). She also had my fave lip of the night. Can you freakin’ believe her dress is H&M. Yeppp. Slay girl, slay.

And Lastly, K-Stew or Kristen Stewart. She rocked probably the most edgy, modern-chic smoky eye of the evening. Notice how she paired this edgy look with a classic Chanel neckline — that totally embodies Manus X Machina. Way to go!

And although her makeup wasn’t anything to rave about, I must shout out to Emma Watson because I love when celebrities usetheir celebrity status to stand for something bigger than themselves. She opted for dress was made mostly from Newlife, a yarn made from 100 % post-consumer plastic bottles. Plastic bottles! On a side note — although I don’t have the celebrity status Emma has, a lot of brides are always on my site. If you are an eco-conscious bride, you too can make a statement bigger than yourself. I opted for a sustainably made wedding gown made by Canadian designer Adele Weschler. Check out her site and read about her and what she stands for. I felt so great knowing about where and how my dress was made… These pics are from 2010 mind you — photos taken by the gorgeous Katherine of 11th Door Photography out of Denver — who also happens to be a dear friend of mine. Here’s my sustainable wedding gown — ahhh memories:

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