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5 Secrets You Will Learn In Be Your Own Makeup Artist

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Five Makeup Secrets You Will Learn in My Book



In case you’re new here (or you’ve been living under a rock) I published a book! It’s called Be Your Own Makeup Artist: Unleash Your Inner Beauty and it’s all about taking back control of your makeup game. I believe EVERYONE deserves to know how to wear makeup. Everyone deserves to hear honest and unbiased makeup secrets, advice, tips, and recommendations from professionals who know what they’re talking about. People who aren’t in it for the kickbacks or free products. People like me!

This has always been my philosophy and I am so proud to have created a brand based around trust and realness. My book is a natural extension of that. It’s 110+ pages of charts, diagrams, makeup secrets, and “real talk” so you can take care of your skin and look your absolute best… without feeling like you need to buy a bunch of new products.


Book Cover - Be Your Own Makeup Artist

I wanted to give people more of an inside look at Be Your Own Makeup Artist, which is why I thought it would be fun to share five of the makeup secrets you will learn in my book. I’m not afraid to give away some of my secrets because I truly believe in the incredible value that my book provides. It will honestly change the way you think about makeup. If these tips spark your curiosity, think about ordering the book! It was a true labor of love and your support means so much to me.

Alright, let’s get into it, shall we?

Makeup Secret #1

I encourage fingertip application for many products!

Finger Application Gif

Here’s a #truthbomb for you. My clean fingers are my “go-to” makeup application tool — my ring finger is my favorite for eye makeup. Seriously! Why do I recommend using your clean fingertips for makeup? They apply the least amount of pressure, warm up makeup products like nothing else, help to really press makeup into the skin that brushes and sponges can’t always achieve, they are FREE, and of course always handy [no pun intended!]! Also, your fingertips are easy to clean between products (unlike brushes and sponges) and you have a lot more control over how much makeup you apply and where you apply it. 

Makeup Secret #2

There’s a somewhat ugly truth about makeup brands.

Dupe Loreal True Match vs Giorgio Armani Foundation

Did you know that there are many makeup brands in the market today, but only a few distributors and manufacturers that actually produce makeup? This is one of the BIGGEST makeup secrets our there. So what does this mean for consumers? Since many makeup products are extremely similar — sometimes they even have most of the same ingredients — you can get more bang for your buck by opting for a more affordable “dupe” over a luxury brand. In my book, I outline exactly which brands belong to the same brand families so you can shop smarter! I introduce the business of beauty in an blog post I wrote here — if you want to scratch the surface. 

Makeup Secret #3

Your skin type can change as you get older.

Natalie Setareh Makeup Artist Determining Skin Type

Did you know this?? Most people don’t realize that over the course of your life, you may alternate between several different skin types depending on lifestyle factors. For example, pregnancy, stress, hormones, geographic location, water type, and water consumption all play a role when it comes to your skin. If your makeup has been wearing differently lately, there’s a good chance your skin type may have actually changed! Of course, Be Your Own Makeup Artists guides you through how to properly determine your skin type and what types of products to look out for as well as provides a skin type prescription! Because I’m not a licensed esthetician, I called upon an old friend of mine and phenomenal esthetician Liz Gardner, of Surface by Liz, to make sure this information is accurate and relevant. She did an amazing Q&A on SO many juicy skincare questions, you can watch that here (SO GOOD!). 

P.S. I have a free skin type guide you can download here which, if you are skincare clueless, will definitely help you to determine your skin type and how to take care of it!

Makeup Secret #4

Most professional makeup artists skip primers.

Primers Photo by Jenelle Botts

Photo by Jenelle Botts, Jenelle Botts Photography

If you watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube, you probably think primers are non-negotiable. Most beauty influencers use them in every single makeup application. However, most professional makeup artists don’t actually use primers unless they really need to achieve something super specific, like evening out someone’s skin tone and texture due to acne, acne scarring, or discoloration or prepping the skin for underwater makeup or something like that. Ultimately, good skin care and skin prep is the best primer for an everyday makeup look!makeup for beginners guide

Makeup Secret #5

Not all highlighters are created equal

Obviously, there are tons of different brands and types of highlighters out there. Just like everything else, quality varies from product to product (and brand to brand). Bonus points for anyone who can name my favorite highlighter! I mention it in pretty much every GRWM video I do. Anyway, highlighters, just like other makeup categories, come in cool, warm, and neutral tones. Just because you LOVE the way a highlighter looks in the pan doesn’t mean it’s going to flatter your skin. Knowing your skin tone and undertone is so important when it comes to shopping for the right highlighter.


Makeup Highlighters Photo

Photo by Jenelle Botts, Jenelle Botts Photography

Are You Surprised?

Did any of these makeup secrets surprise you? Guys, this is just the tip of the iceberg. My book is jam-packed with secrets like this! My goal when writing this book was to help people navigate the makeup trends, self-doubt, confusion, and misinformation about makeup; roadblocks that make something that should be easy way harder than it needs to be! 

I know I said it before, but all of the information in this book is 100% unsponsored and it is based on my years of professional experience. I feel like a broken record saying this. But honestly, it’s rare in this industry to find someone willing to turn down sponsorship offers in favor of providing unbiased information that is actually meant to help people. be your own makeup artist bookIf you’re interested in ordering a copy, the best way to support me is to order it straight from my online shop

If you’re already a proud owner of Be Your Own Makeup Artist, I would love if you would take a few minutes to leave a review on Amazon. Not only do review help more people to find the book but personally, I just love to see what people thought of it! 

Stay beautiful!



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