Real-life, practical, accessible, and inclusive makeup education should be afforded to anyone and everyone interested in learning how to wear makeup for their day-to-day lives. However, this isn't the case and I am on a mission to change this! 

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Binge listen to this makeup-centric podcast streaming straight from my heart. Recorded for makeup enthusiasts, aspiring makeup artists, and seasoned pros... this podcast is full of unbiased reflections on the state of the beauty industry, pro makeup hacks, and new ways to think about makeup.  

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She's a great show host and it really feels like I'm listening in on two friends chatting. Such valuable and inspirational information!
- Kim Baker Gomez

Really enjoy listening to Natalie and her guests discuss issues that are both light hearted and important parts of feeling good about oneself. 
- listeningtothis

I really enjoy the various topics that Natalie Setareh discusses, and her guests too, that helps the listener understand how to complete a makeup look or image that works best for them.
- herearemythoughts

Incredibly informative and structured. Changed the way I think about makeup and myself.

kind words

I'm Natalie. A former military officer randomly turned makeup artist, author, and coach... in a nutshell.

I'm by all accounts, a beauty industry outsider... I don't adhere to makeup trends, I am 100% a less-is-more makeup artist, and I love teaching people how to wear and shop for makeup almost more than doing makeup.

A lot of what I have to say resonates with other beauty industry outsiders & curious onlookers. So until I'm done saying what I have to say and giving a platform to others who have something you need to know about, I'm here to stay! 

i just talk a lot!

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