Learn how to wear makeup (for real).

Most of us wouldn't knowingly leave the house in an outfit that doesn't make us feel great, appear unflattering, or in colors that "wash" us out.


But when it comes to applying makeup on ourselves, so many of us don't even know our skin type, our undertone, our face and eye shape, and what products are formulated for our style preferences (and all of the above).


So we write makeup off as being:

- too hard
- takes too much time
- too "fake"
- too superficial
- clown-like


So we either:

a) don't wear makeup
b)  "wing" it and imitate others
c) accumulate a massive collection
d) give up


We go to beauty shops and ask salespeople for personalized product advice, we follow influencers to tell us what to buy, and scour the internet reading reviews and watching tutorials (most reviews are fake and tutorials are entertainment, not education). 

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*The numbers don't lie...

"In 2018, there were 3.7 billion brand-sponsored posts on Instagram and this figure is projected to surpass six billion posts in 2020." Statistica

"This potential is underpinned, most notably, by the rise of the middle and upper income classes, as well as by the growing numbers of senior citizens on the lookout for products that meet their diverse aspirations and their infinite quest for beauty. " L'Oreal Investor Report

"Brands are realizing that when tapped properly, the beauty sector can be a lucrative one." The Edited Report

If you Feel like you're constantly being sold to, well you kinda are.

being or feeling taken  advantage of and/or always sold to is advantage of is not cool.

Makeup is our most powerful accessory in terms of self-confidence... we deserve to know how to wear makeup.

not cool.

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Makeup For Beginners is the bare basics (read, reader's digest version) of what you need to know when it comes to makeup.

This is a four-part digital magazine designed specifically for those of you who want to learn fast with as few distractions as possible. 

You want to know only what you need to know!

Makeup For Beginners

Be Your Own Makeup Artist

Create Your Signature Look

You are tired of researching all the products and watching all the tutorials.
You want real-life, practical, inclusive, and easy to understand makeup education that you can carry with you for your lifetime and possibly even pass on to younger generations. 

This is for those of you who to unleash the power of makeup knowledge in your life! 

You want one-on-one, individualized attention because you take your life and image seriously. 

In this 12-week, hands-on life changing program, I'll teach you how to wear makeup for the life you aspire and Amsterdam-based image consultant, Tammy Parrish teaches you style.

You'll always know what to wear, on your body and face!

There's no one size fits all approach to makeup education. You may need a combination of methods to learn. All the content I create and services I offer are designed to build on top of what you already know or already have learned.

there's no 

one size fits all
to makeup

Knowing your skin type is no-joke, one of the most important things you can do for your skin health and complexion.

Your skin type is critical in knowing what kind of makeup works for (or against) you.  

In this guide, you'll learn:


- How-to troubleshoot your skin care routine
- The best skin care  "prescription" for your budget 
- Which makeup formulas work best for your skin 

P.S. your skin type is the most important piece of information you need in makeup

PSA 🚨 Most makeup woes can be troubleshooted with skincare and skin prep. #justsayin

irmak k.

“I keep following your work. Your approach towards makeup motivates me that the whole beauty industry can one day become more humanity-womanly oriented: respecting diversities and appreciated and accepting imperfection."


"Natalie did a personalized makeup review using Skype. She is very knowledgeable and I love the products she recommended. It was a fun makeup session!"

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