You may need a combination of methods to learn. 

P.S. Remember! there's no one size fits all
makeup application

irmak k.

“I keep following your work. Your approach towards makeup motivates me that the whole beauty industry can one day become more humanity-womanly oriented: respecting diversities and appreciated and accepting imperfection."


"Natalie did a personalized makeup review using Skype. She is very knowledgeable and I love the products she recommended. It was a fun makeup session!"

sweet words

You really  want to wear makeup but don't even know where to begin.

you're overwhelmed

You've CHANGED but your MAKEUP hasn't.

You've gotten older and your old makeup routine doesn't work anymore.

Nobody ever taught you how to wear makeup. You feel like you're doing it all wrong. 


You want to live your most authentic life and express yourself with makeup!

{ born this way }

{ born this way }

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learn How-to wear makeup