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A Primer in Makeup Primer Featured Image

Ask Setareh

A Primer in Makeup Primer

A Primer in Makeup Primer Dear Natalie, I don’t have any primer left, and even though I take care of my skin, my foundation doesn’t look as smooth as it could. What alternatives can I use or DIYs should I make that can substitute for primer? By the way, I have been blessed with normal/combination […]

Too Much Makeup | Ask Setareh | Natalie Setareh Makeup Artist

Ask Setareh

Are Your Wearing “Too Much” Makeup?

When Is It “Too Much” Makeup? As you may or may not know, I am happy to answer your makeup and beauty questions anytime. Sometimes, the questions are too good or too common for me not to share. This is a question from Petra, who asked about “too much” makeup. Because this is SUCH a […]


Ask Setareh

Ask Setareh: Under-Eye Concealer Woes

Ask Setareh: Under-Eye Concealer Woes Dear Natalie, Could you recommend a nice under-eye concealer? I want one that has good coverage and doesn’t enhance any lines. I tried one from Bare Minerals that was nice and creamy, but it made my skin peel, which was visible. I imagine that was due to an anti-aging ingredient […]

Pregnancy Skincare Woes Featured Image

Ask Setareh

Ask Setareh: Pregnancy Skincare Woes

Ask Setareh: Pregnancy Skincare Woes Dear Natalie, Any tips for pregnant moms who suddenly don’t know what the hell is going on with their skin? I’ve always been lucky enough to have mostly clear skin. The occasional stray zit would appear once in awhile and was no big deal. But with pregnancy came an oily […]


Ask Setareh

How To Find A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

How To Find A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding You have your cell phone on you almost all day, but the second someone actually calls you — you can’t find it! It’s Murphy’s law! When it comes to makeup artists, you probably feel the same way! You see all these beautiful pictures of makeup artists’ […]

Oily Eyelids Blog Featured Image

Ask Setareh

Ask Setareh: Oily Eyelids & Face Got You Down? Prime Them Up!

Ask Setareh: Oily Eyelids and Face Got You Down? Prime Them Up! Dear Setareh, I was wondering do you know of a good primer for the eyelids or the entire face that’s good for oily skin? The primer I use now works well for about four hours after that it’s time to redo everything. I […]

Jenna's Makeup Bag Flatlay

Ask Setareh

Ask Setareh: Makeup Bag Reassurance!

Ask Setareh: Is What’s In My Makeup Bag Right For Me? Man, oh man was I excited for this “Ask Setareh” question/concern. Mostly because I think it’s a concern a lot of gals express to me. This question hails from Jenna, a former photographer, mother, and tech gal! We met when she asked to interview […]

Waterproof Mascara Featured Image

Ask Setareh

Ask Setareh: Why Is My Waterproof Mascara Runny?

Ask Setareh: Why Is My Waterproof Mascara Runny?   Dear Setareh, Can you recommend a waterproof mascara? I’ve tried expensive ones and drugstore ones but they all “run” so much. SOS! ~ Gayle, Tucson, AZ Dear Gayle, Thanks so much for your question! When shopping for a new waterproof mascara, I would first encourage you […]

Behind the Scenes Makeup Artist Natalie Setareh

Ask Setareh

Setareh Beauty: Year In Review

Setareh Beauty: Year In Review 2015 was an awesome year for Setareh Beauty. For starters, it was my inaugural year! From doing makeup and hair for gorgeous beach weddings, to high-brow military balls, from personalized makeup lessons to makeup bag ransacks…and much, much more, Setareh Beauty accomplished a lot in 2015. I also completed an […]



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