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you've always wanted to learn how to wear makeup

finally learn how to wear makeup in a way that works for you

Written with makeup beginners and newbies in mind, Be Your Own Makeup Artist delivers gender neutral, multi-generational, and inclusive makeup education.

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no more second-guessing or imitating those so-called youtube "gurus"

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you are not alone

when you actually learn how to wear makeup in your own unique way, you become transformed!

There's a reason the $532 billion dollar beauty industry doesn't focus on practical, real-life beauty education... because they can't.

Makeup application is extremely individual and personal, and everyone has different budgets and preferences. It's easier for the beauty industry to confuse you because confusion = profits.

you deserve to know the truth: makeup isn't rocket science 

where did you learn how to wear makeup?

Did you have a makeup teacher or someone who held your hand and showed you which products worked for your skin tone and skin type? Who took your personal preferences into consideration?

Most of my clients never learned how to wear makeup, so they would ask me for private lessons. I realized I needed to step in and create a resource that could help teach anyone how to wear makeup regardless of age, race, and gender. 

makeup tutorials, influencer marketing, beauty bloggers

I love watching makeup tutorials & finding inspiration in color combos from beauty gurus. However,  at it's best it's fun and entertaining but at it's worst, it's full of subtle aspirational marketing, product placement, and sometimes even predatory messaging,

reading all the reviews

I hate to break it to you but most reviews are fake. Lots of companies even pay money to show up on certain "best of" lists and gift guides. When you know your skin type, your undertone, and your "colors" you'll know which formulations will work for or against you. Knowledge is power.

What will I learn that I don't already know?

By learning the "why" and "how-to" of makeup and skincare products and application, you'll discover your own signature look... not someone else's.

Troubleshoot your skin type and learn how to best take care of it.

Identify your undertone & learn how to color-match foundation & conceal without caking it on.

Recognize your face, eye, and brow shape and know which colors "work" & where to apply your makeup. 

Understand which formulations will work best for your skin type and which ones won't.


it's not about wearing makeup... 

it's about confidently wearing & not wearing  makeup

unleash your inner beauty 

A thoughtfully curated, 110+ page, magazine-style, full-color makeup education book written in gender neutral, multigenerational, and inclusive easy-to-read language. Phew.

yes! this is exactly what i need!

you can learn how to wear makeup and be your own makeup artist, seriously.

be your own makeup artist 


You don't want to watch more "experts" telling you what to buy just so they can get a small kickback from a brand. You want to discover the products and techniques that really work for YOU.

Everything in the book is 100% unbiased and un-sponsored advice. It was all written with your best interests in mind.

It’s time for you to confidently become your own makeup artist and unleash your inner beauty!

Whether you want to wear a little bit or a full face, you deserve to know how to buy and wear makeup.


Natalie supplies you with knowledge and confidence to approach and apply makeup in your own way and to match your own lifestyle.

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Be Your Own Makeup Artist

you'll learn

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how to be a smart consumer

the business of makeup

Before you even apply a drop of makeup on your face or buy a product to clean your skin, you have to know how you are *constantly* being marketed to, how the beauty industry "works", and how to know who to trust.

You'll get/learn/etc

→ Brand families & why you should care
→ Makeup dupes, counterfeits, and packaging 
→ Who to trust in an "influencer" industry

how to care & prep your skin

Skin Type & Skincare

The foundation to all makeup is the skin. The skin care section in this book was co-written with Liz Gardner (@surfacebyliz), a celebrity esthetician. 

We tried to make this as simple to understand as possible, without overwhelm.

You'll get/learn/etc

→ Factors impacting skin health
→ Determining your skin type
→ Daytime + Nighttime + Mx regimes for all skin types

to thine own {face, eye, brow} shape be true 

Color-Matching & Makeup Placement

Have you always wanted to know what your undertone is so that you can actually buy a foundation that matches? A majority of the book breaks down makeup in terms of your skin type and undertone. You'll learn how to determine (with extremely basic color theory) which colors work best for you & where to place those colors. 

You'll get/learn/etc

→ Do you need primers & color correction? 
→ Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder 101
→ Understanding your face shape & knowing where/how-to apply makeup on the face, cheeks, eyes, and lips

Tools For Success

The tools you'll need for success & all the pro hacks 

Your skin is the canvas, you are the artist, so what you need (at a bare minimum) are a few tools to make what you are envisioning for yourself a reality. 

Spoiler alert: you don't need to buy that brush set. Using maybe 1-2 brushes is acceptable for most people who want a natural, daytime look.

You'll get/learn/etc

→ Essential & multi-tasking tools for makeup
→ Secret of mascara wands
→ Professional makeup hacks and tips throughout 

Natalie is the real deal when it comes to talking to the normal person (you & me) about makeup. I'm not hitting the runway when I walk out my door, but what I do want is to look (and more importantly feel) my best. This book will teach you how to wear makeup that fits your lifestyle, personality and face by giving you steps/tricks and advise to help you find what works for you!

susan, vp sales pepsi

I was able to apply techniques from her book right away -- without having to run out and buy more things. In fact, she never asks you to buy anything in this book. All she does is supply you with the knowledge and confidence to approach and apply makeup in your own way, in your own style, and to match your own lifestyle.

jenelle botts, photographer

I really wish I would've had this when I was younger -- it could've avoided many bad makeup photos! Also, it reminded me of reading the cosmetics section of Marie Claire or Cosmo!

natasha, biologist

best version available 

When you purchase the book directly from the author, not only will you rest easy knowing you are directly supporting a small business owner, but you'll also receive the highest quality version of the book that's available. 

imagine knowing

✓ Your skin type & undertone!

✓ Color combos that suit you!

✓ How-to be a smart consumer!

✓ Confidently going makeup free!

✓ Makeup is and always has been within your reach!

Be Your Own Makeup Artist teaches you how!

Get your copy today!

the best beauty investment you'll make all year

Natalie Setareh is an author, international makeup artist, and educator based in Wiesbaden, Germany. She believes that makeup is for everyone, and she teaches people how to shop for the right products and how to apply those products in a way that works with their skin type, skin tone, and their preferences.

Her work focuses on teaching people to be smart consumers and eliminating all the “white noise” that can lead to confusion and frustration. She specializes in unsponsored, unbiased makeup advice that is 100% intentional and inclusive.

Natalie uses her unique experience as a military officer in the work she does as a thought leader in the makeup world. She sees the bigger picture and is motivated to disrupt the stale, outdated ideas that exist in the industry. She is also passionate about helping aspiring makeup artists find their own voice and purpose through her mentoring and coaching services.

your makeup fairygodmother, er makeup teacher

I'M natalie

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finally learn how to wear makeup
in your way in your own time

Be Your Own Makeup Artist will show you how!
What are you waiting for?

Nobody is born knowing how to wear makeup. Some people are naturally more inclined to experiment and practice. Some people have makeup role models to "model" after. But most people have to actually learn how to do something -- and that's not pretty, or glamorous.
Learning how to ride your bike as a kid, or write cursive, or learn to swim -- the actual "process" is not glamorous.
But once you know how to ride your bike, write in cursive, or swim... the sky is the limit. 

You will get out of it what you put into it. Be Your Own Makeup Artist has all the formulas. Think of it like your "cheat sheet" for makeup and skincare. Natalie Setareh has an over-abundance of free resources to help. Ultimately, there is no guarantee that you will have success because success comes from within.

I vow to be your biggest cheerleader and answer your pressing questions, though!