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This 110+ page full-color, magazine-style book contains everything you need to know to become your own makeup artist.

... as a matter of fact, you shouldn't! Your skin should breathe every once in awhile.

Knowing how to wear makeup for everyday and special occasions of your life is just as important (if not more important) as knowing how to dress for the job you want or.

Knowledge is power.

And that's why this book exists -- because makeup is not hard and it's shouldn't be intimidating or overwhelming. 

Again, makeup is for everyone.

Makeup is for everyone
(& I mean, everyone)!

A look inside

First things first...

You DESERVE to know how to wear makeup.


BYOMUA puts you in control of your makeup game! 

Written in gender neutral, multigenerational, and inclusive easy-to-read language, this book (that reads like a magazine) is for anyone who wants to understand the hows /why /whats/and wheres of how to wear makeup to suit your preferences, skin type, and skin tone.
Bonus! You'll also learn how to be a smart consumer which saves you your hard earned money in the meanwhile!

You don't have to wear makeup everyday...

learn to wear makeup today!

Susan, Director of Sales Pepsi Co

What People Are Saying

Natalie is the real deal when it comes to talking to the normal person (you & me) about makeup. I'm not hitting the runway any day I walk out my door, but what I do want is to look (and more importantly feel) my best. This book will teach you how to wear makeup that fits your lifestyle, personality and face by giving you steps/tricks and advise to help you find what works for you!

Jenelle Botts, Photographer

What People Are Saying

I was able to apply techniques from her book right away - without having to run out and buy more things. In fact, she never asks you to buy anything in this book. All she does is supply you with knowledge and confidence to approach and apply make up in your own way, in your own style and to match your own lifestyle.

Natasha, Biologist

What People Are Saying

I really wish I would've had this when I was younger - it could have avoided many bad makeup photos! Also, it reminded me of reading the cosmetics section of Marie Clair or Cosmo!"

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going to tell you to wear a lot of makeup! No! It outlines your options based on your preferences, boom shakalka! 

a guidebook! We'll identify your unique skin type, skin tone, and undertone, so that you'll be able to understand which makeup options out work best for you! No more guesswork!

a resource for anyone seeking practical and "real-life" makeup education; inclusively and intentionally written for all ages, all skin tones, all skin types, all genders

void of sponsorships, advertisers, and "free product" bias! essentially eliminating all the white noise! This is HUGE ya'll! 

What This Book IS

What this book IS NOT 

it's not for those of you working in the beauty & makeup industry -- this book is probably all old hat 

written in conversational, "blog like" style because makeup shouldn't be so serious, it should be fun!

this book is not a shopping list! As a matter of fact, it's quite the opposite. 

going to leave you hanging! Everyone who purchased a book gets exclusive access to the BYOMUA Facebook community where I'll be to answer questions and hold your hand!

What makes this makeup book different than all the rest?

When I first started my makeup artistry business in California in 2014, long before I a consistent client bookings, a dear friend of mine suggested I blog and make a video makeup tutorial!

I had never watched or seen a "makeup tutorial" video up until this point. I simply put my laptop in front of our huge natural light windows and went through my daily makeup routine without any edits, music, anything! This is still embarrassingly and admittedly on my YouTube channel).

I quickly realized there's NO way how to show anyone how to do makeup online without lots of fancy studio lights and using quite a bit more product than you would normally. 

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But I realized I was up against something way, way larger than me. For the many years I was "out" of the makeup scene, influencers with millions of views, subscribers, and likes had started shaping the beauty and makeup industry.

There was no way a little budding makeup artist like myself could compete.

So to be perfectly honest, I kept in my lane. I kept perfecting my craft, growing confidence in myself as an artist, and waited for the next booking to hit my inbox. I moved twice, once internationally and even welcomed our second kiddo into this world during this time of transition and finding my corner in the beauty industry

After my daughter was born, and I had re-established for the third time my business here in Germany, I took some time to reflect on all the testimonials and reviews I had received from clients.

There was one common theme...


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Almost every single review and/or testimonial I had received from past clients mentioned something about having "learned so much" or feeling so more "confident in knowing that less makeup really is more."

See, being a makeup artist can be pretty intimidating! When I'm working inches from faces, the only way I know how to break the awkwardness is to explain what and why I'm doing what I'm doing. I didn't even realize that most of the things I was explaining (which was old hat to me), was completely new to them!

The joy and surprise so many of my clients feel when I tell them they didn't need concealer simply made me feel great and also made me realize, "they have no idea!"

So I began really marketing my private lessons (which were by request up until this point) and focusing on makeup education... 

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Needless to say, I almost had as many private lessons in 2017 and 2018 as I did clients, and that's saying something!

People wanted to learn makeup! 

So, the little workbook I drafted up for my early private lesson clients had grown, evolved, and eventually turned into the framework for my first makeup workshop, Makeup Reset! I was so excited!

After the successful first beta-workshop and a mini-one for a local community group, I really believed makeup workshops were the way to go!

But there was a problem, time! The logistics and costs involved in organizing, marketing, and hosting makeup workshops was simply not sustainable in 2017! After all, I was juggling client work and tending to the needs of my two small kiddos and husband, I was on the verge of burn out!

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So I tabled the Makeup Reset Workshop series along with the amazing workbook I had written. I kept quiet about workshops for nearly a year, focusing back on private lessons and delivering world-class makeup services to my clients. I felt really defeated in my idea...

On the verge of burnout and almost feeling like a failure, I realized I couldn't keep running my business alone. I needed help.

[cue entrance of Kari Perlewitz

I hired Kari in early 2018 to help me clean up the copy on my {then broken and ugly} website, edit and format blog posts (which are free for you), do some basic graphic design, and other odd jobs.

One of the tasks I gave her was to  to turn the Makeup Reset workbook into an e-book, without really giving much thought to it. Maybe I could sell it as a digital download or offer it at my future workshops or as an add-on to private lessons. No real plans. When I saw the first draft...

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Well, it was nothing sort of amazing! It was in her first mockup when I saw the real potential -- a bonafide book full of real-life makeup advice and instruction, custom albeit make-shift graphics, and my heart to serve the reader in a meaningful, non-superficial, non-salesy way when it came to makeup. I couldn't believe the work she had done! It was incredible!!

There was one problem though... the book had evolved..my brand had evolved, and it turned into this massive task that neither of us had the emotional fortitude to really tackle until.

Still on the verge of burn out and perhaps even a slight business depression... I signed up for my first-ever business retreat, the Mastermind Retreat in February 2019. 

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I honestly didn't know what to expect... normally makeup artists don't attend business retreats... but I guess you can say I'm not your typical makeup artist. So I went...

And a group of phenomenally talented, successful, and inspiring women assured me that I was born to write this book!

That the world, their clients, their sisters, their friends, needed to read this book... and that yes, I was worthy enough to write it! That I didn't need to "sit" on it any longer. They could feel the passion flowing through my veins.

So I left the retreat so empowered and excited for my future. I had clarity in how I wanted to serve my clients and audience in a better way. 

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I hired my new friend from the retreat and a freakishly talented designer, Kristin of KE Design Studio, forwarded her Kari's draft, and here you have it. Years of content that I had been squirreling away for my private lesson clients and workshop attendees in one, cohesive place.

I wrote this book because I was tired of my client's being mislead by the beauty industry into believing lies about needing to buy this or that with promises that cannot be kept.

I wrote this because makeup has changed my life. It's not about wearing makeup everyday, and it's not even about wearing a lot of makeup in general.

It's about knowing how to wear makeup for the moments in life that matter.

Those moments when your inner confidence matches your outer confidence. 

And now you are ready to Be Your Own Makeup Artist & Unleash Your Inner Beauty! Are you ready?




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