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 Enjoy some of my go-to biz resources (and favorite things!) to help you in your journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like myself! (Use as many or as few sections as you want!)

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As a makeup artist, your website needs to reflect the quality of your work. Not just a pretty site but one that converts queries into customers? Look no further. 

There's so many places to host your website and I've tried so many of them. I've stuck with this host because I'm able to customize my website to my heart's content (and fix any errors (::ahem typos::) quick and easy. 

You want to capture website leads and turn them into paying clients. Think of email marketing as your modern day rolodex. This is the way you keep in touch with your clients and also, how to build trust with potential ones. 

I don't have 1000's to spend every month on marketing (and that's how much entry-level marketing agencies require). Instead, I use this app to grow my website traffic and attract new clients. It's so underrated but so worth it. 

You'd be amazed how many more clients I book via my website and not social media. If you don't have a website, it's hard for people to treat you like the professional you are. 
Buy the domain name of your dreams.

As artists, staying organized can sometimes be a challenge. That's why employing a client management system from day 1 will be a lifesaver. Plus, it's super professional and makes clients feel taken care of. 

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6 Must-Haves For Every Pro MUA


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I want to make the booking process as easy for my clients as possible. I love Calendly as both a client and a user.

must haves

I didn't start investing in these tools until I was further along in my business. But now, I can't run my business without these tools. 


Where I host my coaching calls, online classes, and networking event/collaboration meetings.


Pinterest marketing is no joke. Pinterest is one of the largest sources of website traffic -- and I owe it all to TW.


I run all my blog content through RankIQ to make sure it's optimized for Google because #websitetrafficrocks


Canva isn't a secret anymore. But their pro package is all I need to create my marketing assets.

Google Workspace

If you have a small customer service team & wanted to feel like you run a mega corp, this is for you. 

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One hour of coaching can save a year or more of frustration, headache, and wasted time. Plus, my success as a coach depends on your success. I want you to win!

1:1 Coaching from someone who gets the 'business'


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"...a common theme among entrepreneurs is that they have built on a hobby used it to launch their career as an entrepreneur."

Is Makeup Artistry Your Business Or Your Hobby?

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I thought you might like a few little tips to grow your MUA business that you can take right now (today, this week, or this month), especially if you’re in the middle of a slow season.

3 Action Items To Grow Your MUA Business

You might get hired for your dramatic and detailed eye makeup artistry but you’ll get rehired and referred because of your complexion work. Add foundation wisely.

How To Add Foundations To Your Pro Kit

Someone just asked if you could do their makeup!

Now what?! Don't panic. Don't come off desperate. Don't second-guess yourself. 

Here's my tried & True response

client inquiry response


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I have a dedicated page on my website where you can ask me your questions and, I'll answer them! It's a fun way for us to connect :)