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The 5 core Side-Hustle MUA Course Segments

What to name your business? How to build a website? Logo design? Search Engine Optimization?These are all things that so many people get caught up on and also that prevent people from taking the leap into the beauty industry. I remember exactly how and what I did, mistakes and all, and I'll take all the overwhelm out of it! Remember, you are a business owner first, makeup artist second. If you don't get the business part down pat, nobody will hire you to do makeup. 

When I first started out, buying a massive kit and all the colors simply wasn't in my budget. I only had so much time to scroll through all the makeup artist facebook groups and find all the colors and products I needed -- and hello, I didn't have the budget. I won't lie, I haven't shared how I built my pro kit because my method is SO freaking awesome. This segment will save you more money and time then this entire course is worth. 

You cannot build a successful or profitable side-hustle without strategic, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships. But how do you successfully inject yourself into relationships within your community (or your ideal community)? This segment will give you all the trade secrets you'll need to know to establish yourself as a professional 

It's hard to sell your services (for real money) to anyone outside your immediate circle of friends and family without a professional portfolio. It's also hard to sell your services with a portfolio that showcases your work. Don't worry, I teach you how to approach, start, and curate your professional makeup artist portfolio in this segment.

You'll actually start marketing yourself from day one or even before your start your business. This segment will be the crash course to get you started and into the world. Yes, you'll need social media. Yes, you'll need email marketing. Yes, you'll need a blog. But *just* having social media and posting pretty pictures and sending out emails to your subscribers isn't good enough. This segment will show you how to effectively do and manage your marketing efforts.

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Natalie Setareh is an award-winning makeup artist, educator, and author based in Wiesbaden, Germany. She started her business in Monterey, California in 2014, quickly rising to one of the top bridal artists in this luxury, destination wedding hotspot in less than a year. She moved her business coast-to-coast and again, quickly established herself as a top makeup artist in Augusta, Georgia before moving to Germany in 2016.

In Germany, she rebranded herself as an international makeup artist and again, established herself as the go-to makeup artist for the expat and German communities (without speaking German). She also opened her template shop & coaching services after her entire business model was copied (she was obviously doing something right).

She went on to develop the "Makeup Reset" workshop series, started her podcast, landed international commercial campaigns, was invited to speak at international conferences, and lastly, she wrote her inclusive, accessible book specifically for makeup beginners, Be Your Own Makeup Artist,
 -- which is now being used as curriculum in beauty schools. 

Her story is still a work in progress and she's happy to share her strategies with other ambitious creative entrepreneurs. 

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