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I love to do makeup & teach people about makeup! It's that simple. It's my passion, and honestly, I feel like I was born to empower people & makeup is my vessel to reaching that goal.

Whether you're interested in mastering your everyday makeup look so you can become your own makeup artist or you want to become a professional makeup artist yourself, I have the perfect services and resources to help you reach your goal.

If you'd rather hand over the reigns and have me doll you up for a special event or photoshoot, I can do that, too. We'll chat about makeup, eat some chocolate, and have a great time!

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No, I'm not sending out free eyeshadow palettes or PR kits, but I *do* give away TONS of free knowledge over on my blog. Ask me questions and I'll respond to them in my "Ask Setareh" blog series. Listen to my latest podcast episodes, and find out which products I recommend... and which ones I don't. Since my posts are not sponsored, you can rest easy knowing there's no tricks up my sleeves. I want my platform to empower you to re-take control of how you shop for, use, and think about makeup!


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While I do have an email list, I only really have time to send out an email once a month. Maybe a few times more if there's something amazing to announce. I hate spam and promise not to waste your time. 

(Plus, I respond to every. single. email. because I'm a real person who cares about you!)

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