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You've invested in yourself as a makeup artist and know how to make your clients feel beautiful!

(and those clients have nothing but amazing things to say about your work!?)

there are too many choices & not enough answers

And while you understand the success as a makeup artist doesn't happen overnight and investing in your business (and yourself!), you aren't sure what steps to take next.

> Is my portfolio and social media helping or hurting me?

> How about one-on-one coaching?

> Maybe if you had some templates to work off of,  life would be easier?

You feel STUCK


Like cheklists? me too!
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First Things First! if you want to be treated like a professional, you have to act like a professional! 

THE SYSTEMS & TOOLS I USE IN MY BUSINESS (read entire post here) have evolved overtime. I started out on a shoestring budget (hello not having clients on day 1). Buying a domain, hosting a website, ordering business cards and what to put on them, managing your clients, and all the admin that goes into running your makeup artistry business can be so overwhelming. That's why I decided to lay out everything that I use to run my business! There are NO affiliate links (just referral links because these are actually things I use!). If you want the reader's digest version, snag my free checklist below and grow your business TODAY! You've got this!

where I buy all my domains!

where i host my site

my client management system! 

my email
marketing system

social media scheduling

i love my website!
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First of all, welcome to this safe space from someone who feels you.

I've been through a lot in this fierce, crazy competitive industry. I been let down, taken advantage of, and undercut. I've wasted a lot of money on promises that were unkept, hit a lot of dead-ends with photographers and setting my rates too low, and well...don't even get me started on social media!

You can't really call yourself a makeup artist if you can't relate to any of the above! #canigetanamen?

The highs in this industry are SO high and the lows make you want to throw retreat back into your shell and never look at makeup again.

You've already scrolled past my free resources... which means you may be looking for more help. You're ready to invest and take some strategic steps and execute some well-thought-out actions into your business and up-level it, and maybe -- I'm the one who can help you achieve that wild success you deserve. 

You don't have to do this alone, and shouldn't. (I did and lemme tell you, it was awful!).

You've got a site & systems but you don't know why your business isn't growing.


Some of the Mentoring / Coaching / Interning Services I Offer: 

Website Review & Critique

Portfolio Critique

Business Strategy Session

Collaboration Strategy

Assistantship & Internship Opportunities

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For those of you who want instant gratification! Four years of trial-and-error, what worked and what hasn't worked, it's all here for you. If you were a potential client, the information in these very digital resources will look familiar!! Why? Because they are what I use in my business. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just personalize and slap your branding into these. Save yourself the time, tears, and headache and get on doing what you do best....awesome makeup!

Available in my online shop as well as Etsy, I offer the following templates:

digital resources save you lots of time, headache, and sanity! (Trust me, I've been there!)

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The ultimate makeup artist business bundle

Makeup Artist Business Email Templates

Makeup Artist Business Price Quote & Invoice Templates

Client Questionnaire for Makeup Artists

Includes the email templates, price quote & invoicing template as well as the client questionnaire template. 

Nine of the most popular "canned" email responses that convert inquiries into bookings!

Although I use Honeybook for majority of my client invoicing. I still use these exact templates for my corporate clients and clients located outside the United States. If you are in Germany, check out my Rechnung template that has taken me years to perfect and conform to strict German laws. 

Nobody likes surprises and I've been using and developing my client questionnaire since the very beginning! Needless to say, I've never been surprised at my client's preferences and requests and I've always been prepared!