Makeup Reset The Workshop Series

What is Makeup Reset?

It’s an intimate, hands-on educational workshop, designed to (re)introduce the fundamentals of makeup application, specifically for your face.

We created #MakeupReset because we wanted an inclusive, safe space to where people can feel free to ask professional makeup artists specific makeup questions. The experts participating in these workshops are totally unbiased, warm, and we have your best interests at heart.

These events are an opportunity to make an investment in yourself! Learning how to do create a look with makeup that suits your personality and style… well, that’s a skill that lasts a lifetime! You’ll have more confidence, and you’ll stop wondering what you could look like if you only had the right tools and advice. You’ll know!

Have you ever said?

“Makeup is too expensive!”

“There are too many options!”

“Applying makeup takes too much time!”

“I could never look like that!”

If so, you need a Makeup Reset!

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Makeup Reset FAQs

You can purchase tickets through our official Eventzilla event pages! They’ll handle payment method and don’t worry, we’ve absorbed any possible fees they charge — so no worries there!

Sadly, they are non-refundable. However, we understand that life happens and plans change sometimes! If the need arises, you may transfer the amount you paid toward another workshop within one calendar year, or you can gift the workshop to a friend.

Yes, we’d love to! Please contact us and we can collaborate from there!

We appreciate your interest in collaborating! We work really hard and spend quite a bit of our hard-earned money testing out beauty products for personal and professional use. If you make or sell beauty products, we’d love to test them out extensively and see if they will work for us. Contact us if you are interested in starting this process!

It’s important to note that these workshops are not designed with the intention of selling makeup, and we are not being sponsored by any companies to promote their products. We want to make sure workshop attendees know that our advice and instruction is 100% unbiased.

With so much information on the internet, and so much of the information that is biased and sponsored, we wanted to eliminate all the white noise, sit down together at the table, and share what we have learned as professional makeup artists and consumers ourselves what works and what doesn’t.


We are proud to say that our workshop is not sponsored by any companies or beauty brands. We aren’t selling products or getting compensated to promote products. We even encourage attendees to bring their own makeup so we can show you how to best use what you already have. We can also help you decide what to toss and what to keep if you’re looking for advice. Of course, you can always use the makeup that we will provide at the workshop as well.


Long story short, there really isn’t a catch.

Yes! All of those details will be emailed approximately one week prior to the workshop dates!

If you bring your makeup bag, you may leave with a full face of makeup; a customized look you will create as a result of our coaching. We will ask some attendees to model or demonstrate certain techniques, we want this to be as hands on as possible!


Don’t have a makeup bag, no worries! Everyone will receive a custom handbook, which you can fill in as we go — created specifically for this workshop. It’s seriously amazing!


The best thing you’ll get at the workshop? Some new friends that are also interested in makeup, learning, and having a great time!

This workshop is designed to be an alternative to expensive private makeup lessons, while still providing incredible value. We are passionate about helping our attendees build (or rebuild) a healthy relationship with makeup.

The Back To Basics workshop is specifically designed to re-familiarize you with the basics of makeup application. We’ll go over basic skincare, color matching and correction, basic contouring, enhancing certain features, and addressing so-called “problem areas.”


It is perfect for younger adults who are just starting out with makeup or for clients who need an updated look. If you’ve been wanting help creating a stunning look in just 5 minutes (or less), you need some new product recommendations, or just want to get some expert advice, this is the class for you.


Our speciality workshops are self-explanatory. We dig deep into specific makeup areas and spend time (that flies!) learning and perfecting certain techniques.

Curated for you by couture makeup artists and coaches

Natalie Setareh

Anika Smith