Dear Makeup Enthusiast, Aspiring Makeup Artist, or Makeup Artist who is ready to throw in the towel,

I'm here for you. You aren't alone. I've been through a lot in this fierce, crazy competitive industry. I been let down, taken advantage of, and undercut. It burns and stings.


I have amazing clients. I have people that believe in me, that are counting on me. I have people who trust me and know that I will not let them down. I do what I do for them... people who invest in me and who, in turn, I invest in as well. 

No matter where you are on this journey as an artist, have grace with yourself. Let go of your self-limiting beliefs and just go for it! I created this little corner of the net because like you, I've been oh-so-alone... now that I have some street-cred, steady clients, and a well-established brand, it's my turn to give back.

xo -

artists corner. 
you're not alone.


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systems & Tools I use in My Business

Buying a domain, hosting a website, managing your clients, and all the admin that goes into running your makeup artistry business can be so overwhelming. That's why I decided to lay out everything that I use to run my business! There are NO affiliate links (just referral links because these are actually things I use!). If you want the reader's digest version, snag my free checklist below and grow your business TODAY! You've got this!

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virtual & in-Person mentoring

Portfolio Critique (in-person or virtual)
Is your portfolio attracting your ideal clients? Are your photos up to par? You won't have to guess anymore! I'll provide an extensive review & report for you to tackle.

Website Critique (in-person or virtual)
You can't find the right theme or template or know how to do x, y, z -- so you give up and hope nobody goes to your website, right? But that's really what YOU own (not social media). I take a hard look at your site and provide tangible and easy-to-follow recommendations on how to get it up to your high standards.

Artist-to-Artist Session (in-person or virtual)
Liquid gold. I'll walk you through anything/everything you want to know about running your business. We can go over any of the areas that cause you stress in your business and I will give you tactical proven-strategies to grow your business and take it to where you need to be. 
 €125.00 / hour

Intern, Apprentice, Or Assist 
You learn by doing. If you’d like to apply to work with me directly, please email me directly ( with the subject “Intern, Apprentice, or Assist”.

for those of you who are serious... 

Let's Chat

For those of you who want instant gratification! Four years of trial-and-error, what worked and what hasn't worked, it's all here for you. If you were a potential client, the information in these very digital resources will look familiar!! Why? Because they are what I use in my business. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just personalize and slap your branding into these. Save yourself the time, tears, and headache and get on doing what you do best....awesome makeup!

digital resources

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