Editorial & On-Screen

Whether you are on a television or film set or a theatrical stage, the intense lights require special makeup application. This is one area that is critical in production and often the most important elements, as it’s 100% visual.

Flyaway hairs, lipstick on teeth, uneven blush, and oily skin… all of these are common issues when filming. I offer half-day & full-day services, and am happy to curate a tailor-made package for your specific needs and timeframe(s).

This makeup is ideal for:

  • Actors/Actresses working on-set (television, film, etc)
  • Broadcasters/Journalists
  • Fashion/Runway Models
  • Editorial Models/Modeling Agencies
  • On-Camera Interviews
  • Vloggersl think YouTube channel video production, Facebook Live videos, webinars, online conferences, etc.