Adapt and overcome. These words have been etched into my psyche since I was an officer candidate in ROTC and helped me through multiple exercises and operations during my time as a commissioned officer and leader. However, these three words have never been more fitting and relevant as they are now, in the five years of owning a face-forward, service-based business. 

Until Garrison Wiesbaden and German social distancing mandates are lifted, my physical doors are closed. No exceptions. 

(My studio has been transformed into an office, 2x homeschool room anyways). 

However, it is my duty as a business owner and makeup educator is to adapt and overcome during this time. Shutting down my business completely would not only be a disservice to all of us but it would also bring down the local economy.

The good news is that my "virtual" doors will remain OPEN.   

The slower pace means more time for blogging! My loss, your gain!

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During this time, I'm moving everything online. Take a look below!

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I offer world-class makeup coaching, digital templates, and more. Grow organically & authentically. 


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My signature 1:1 private makeup lessons are quite possibly my most popular and requested service. Why? Because you really want to learn how to incorporate and wear makeup in ways that work for your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. You'll receive a variety of "perks" as well as a custom digital makeup guide written by me just for you! Only $200 for two hours of personalized, one on one education.

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Essential Makeup Tools

Skin Prep for Makeup

Foundation Basics

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and more!

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learn makeup by reading 

What started as a little reference notebook for my private lessons evolved into a workbook for my makeup workshop attendees. Then, word spread my workbook was better than anything they'd read on makeup... so I rolled up my sleeves and wrote a book, just for you! Someone who wants to learn how to wear makeup without being sold to! 

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virtual 1:1


Yes, you can get a makeup application by me virtually! Show me a makeup look that you want to recreate. Then, we'll hop on Zoom and I will help you achieve the look, tell you which products you  need and give you techniques for a flawless application.  You'll walk away not only looking gorgeous, but feeling confident in your ability to rock the look anytime you want to! Only $100 for a one hour personal makeup session!

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I always announce & open up workshops to those of you who have solely expressed interest in attending or learning more about my workshops. Due to small workshop sizes, early birds *generally* get the worm! Join my workshop list today!

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